Gun Controllers Bamboozle BOTH Major Parties on “Invisible Guns”

In a tragic sign of bi-partisanship, Congress is on the verge of passing a 10-year extension to the Undetectable Firearms Act that bans all plastic guns that cannot be detected by a metal detector.

The gun controllers argue about the criminals getting their hands on weapons that cannot  be detected and sneaking them into places that they could do damage with.

The only problem with this “logic” is that with the advent of 3-D printers and the technology improving in that regard, criminals will just ignore this law too.

Do I want an all plastic gun that is undetectable?  To be honest, until I started writing this article I would say no, and that I was only arguing on principle that to infringe upon the manufacturing and owning of plastic undetectable weapons was a violation of the 2nd Amendment.

But the more I think about it, with instances of gun confiscation that we have bore witness to during Hurricane Katrina and now in New York City the idea of having a few undetectable firearms hidden in the walls when the government comes and tries to take the metal ones isn’t the worst idea.

With the direction the technology is heading in over the next decade an improved handgun and perfected rifle made fully of undetectable plastic is an eventuality.  This law though, will do nothing to actually stop criminals from obtaining these weapons but rather, will once again exploit the law abiding and keep them at the mercy of the government that hangs over their liberty like the Sword of Damocles.

Unfortunately, trying to convey such a point while gun controllers are marching over the corpses of the victims that gun control has failed in their exploitation of dead children, the masses tend to think on the issue with irrationality and Hollywood movies in mind.

Who needs an undetectable gun?

To that I answer, someone who doesn’t want it taken away.  When it’s the law abiding who sees a continuous encroachment on their rights by a growingly tyrannical government, that doesn’t make them criminals.  In fact, that makes them patriots.

Yet all we will hear is gun controllers saying that these weapons have no place in society.  Of course, they don’t think ANY firearm has a place in society so that is nothing new.  But the principled stand does not convey as easily as visions of Hollywood films where silencers are actually silent and guns can shoot for 90 minutes without needing to be reloaded.

The controllers complain about these guns getting on planes?  Funny, I haven’t gone through a metal detector to get on a plane in YEARS.  I also opt out of the scanner which would detect these plastic guns and I get manhandled by the TSA.  How exactly would I get said gun onto a plane…LET ALONE THE BULLETS!!!!

That’s another thing the haters of plastic guns like to gloss over;  Bullets are made of metal and they WILL set off the metal detectors.  But like the Wizard of Oz they Gun Controllers keep telling the public to ignore the man behind the curtain.

So, we have a firearm that cannot be brought onto a plane and bullets that cannot go past a metal detector.  What is the argument against these guns again?  The more I think on it the more I believe I am right in wanting one.  This is just another ploy by the liberty hating gun controllers to make sure they keep a heel on the throats of the American people.  If Americans can build their own guns and the government cannot easily confiscate them if hidden the controllers lose control.

And really, that is what Gun Control has always been about, control.

As we have it, while the House caved and passed the extension of the bill as it was, Democrat Senator Chuck Shumer of New York thinks it needs to be broadened to include MORE gun control.

Surprise surprise, the Senator from New York wants more gun control.  He speaks of the House’s bill leaving a “dangerous loophole” and will move to propose his plans to increase the infringements when the Senate reconvenes on Dec. 9th after their two week Thanksgiving vacation.

As a person who believes in the right to keep and bear arms, any chance that is available to beat back the infringements upon the 2nd Amendment must be taken.  I am annoyed that the House, which Republicans control, did not have the spine in which to do so.  At the very least, only extend the ban to those who use undetectable weapons in criminal ways.  I mean, the criminals aren’t going to follow the law to begin with but it would at least give you an extra charge to lay on them when they commit their crime that gun control failed to stop in the first place.

But no, the House Rolls over, gun control has found some traction and Senators like Schumer are going to run with it.

As Gun Owners of America’s Legislative Counsel Mike Hammond put it: “They’ve (Democrats) just spent all year trying to effectively destroy the gun lobby so why in heaven’s name, given this intransigence, should we give them this Christmas present?” 

I couldn’t agree more.  Gun control?  Bah Humbug.

Yet is there anyone in Congress who will make the principled stand?


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