Happy Freedom From Tyranny Day

On this day, 80 years ago, a majority of states banded together to overthrow one of the most egregious infringements levied upon the liberty of American citizens in this country’s history; Prohibition.

With the ratification of the 21st Amendment, the states scratched out of existence the 18th Amendment to the Constitution that made the manufacture, transfer or sale of alcohol illegal.

Though such un-American laws have been on the books periodically throughout our country’s history, the act of actually writing one down into the foundation of our country’s most important document is ghastly.

We have the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and they’re great at limiting the power the Government can use to crush us with.  But after 11 through 15 that dealt with reconstruction and abolishing slavery we see the Amendments begin to be used to punish and attack American Citizens or for simple clerical purposes such as when terms begin or when salary increases take place.

Nearly half of the amendments though form the Bill of Government Rights.

  • Amendment 16: The Federal Government’s right to steal income from its citizens, ie Income Tax
  • Amendment 17: The Federal Government’s right to tell the States how it must elect Senators
  • Amendment 18: The Federal Government’s right to tell its citizens how they must live their lives without alcohol
  • Amendment 22: The Federal Government’s right to deny its citizens the ability to vote for their choice for President

While on this day 80 years ago the states got together and removed their collective head from their 4th point of contact it should not be overlooked that a mere 13 years prior they got together and ruled that outlawing alcohol, destroying businesses and livelihoods, and taking the unprecedented step to make it unconstitutional was somehow a good idea.

What did their good idea get them?  Bootlegging, organized crime, and the general mockery of the citizenry for the Constitution via speakeasies and general disregard for the law.

The fact that they scratched out the 18th Amendment by ratifying the 21st should not be cause for reassurance in the process but rather unease in it.

A thing that the Federal and State governments were so sure of that they ratified an amendment for it and then easily ratified another amendment thereby erasing it from existence is not something that I, as a gun owner, get warm and fuzzy thinking about.

How often is talk of the 2nd Amendment being “outdated” tossed around by gun control advocates?  How easy and willing is the media to be complicit in the gun control debate by sensationalizing gun crime and ignoring all the positive stories of people defending themselves?

With one bad election we could see the 2nd Amendment scratched from the parchment upon which our founding fathers scrawled their best hopes.  The fact that it could be erased is the worst type of loophole regarding guns I have ever heard of.

Of course, we don’t get our rights FROM the Constitution, but rather our rights are simply enumerated therein.  The government cannot take away our RIGHT to keep and bear arms for it is not the government who grants them in the first place.  It is Natural Law that gives us our rights, all of them; they are endowed to us by our Creator and are inalienable.

That is the notion that our country declared independence on and that is the surety our Bill of Rights was written in.

Yet, if the 2nd Amendment were to be erased, I guess we will see if notions like Bullets First and From My Cold Dead Hands will be followed in practice.

I for one, will not be made a slave.

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