Surprise, gun free zone fails again. But so does the over coddling of today’s youth

In the most recent school shooting in Colorado the shooter, who was not repelled by the magic pixie dust powered “Gun Free Zone” sign, was not a mass shooter but a student with a specific target in mind.

18 year old Karl Halverson Pierson walked into Arapahoe High School armed with a shotgun and 2 Molotov cocktails looking to kill the Librarian and Debate Coach Tracy Murphy after Murphy had benched him during the last debate competition.

A few things spring to mind.

First, once again the “Gun Free Zone” shows how utterly ridiculous it is at actually stopping anyone with malicious intent from entering.

Secondly, the teacher was lucky that Pierson got his hand on a shotgun because he didn’t hide it and that gave Murphy enough warning to flee the school before he got shot.  A gun is not the only way to kill a teacher as we saw in the tragic case of math teacher Colleen Ritzer who was killed by a student with a box cutter in October.  Let alone the two Molotov cocktails that would have immolated Murphy.

Thirdly, even though the shooter used a shotgun I’ve all ready heard the gun control zealots point to this incident as reason for Assault Weapons Bans.  Leave it to the gun controllers never to let a good tragedy go by unexploited regardless of how it doesn’t relate to their message.

Fourthly, once again the shooter, when finally confronted by someone who was armed, in this case when the police finally showed up,  shot himself.  Now, if someone at the school had been armed perhaps the poor 15 year old girl who had to get shot in the name of gun control’s “moral superiority” could have avoided the life threatening injury.

Finally, how much have we coddled our children that they are so unable to handle rejection, criticism, disappointment, failure or tribulations?  This isn’t even a gun issue in my mind.  This is a wake up call to the parents of children; they are killing them by making them feel that they are the most precious and perfect beings on the planet and that they can do no wrong.  That they will never fail and are perfect just they way they are.

You know what?  When you brainwash children into thinking that they are perfect and you deny them the character building experience of failure you strip their ability to deal with it.

Halverson was an 18 year old man.  He was benched for a debate.  His response was to KILL his debate coach.

Somewhere along the line, the parents failed miserably to instill in their son a sense of overcoming adversity.  Killing someone over being benched for a debate is not an acceptable reaction.

Yet too many parents have shielded their children from ever facing ANY adversity, that when real life steps in and shows them that they are not the bees knees and they actually have to face disappointment and failure you get situations like this.  Always blaming someone else, always clinging to the delusion that they are perfect and it HAS to be someone else’s fault.

Not to take the blame off of Pierson, but if there is blame to go around some should be placed on his parents.  You raised a child who thought he was so entitled that when something doesn’t go his way he jumps directly to murder instead of dealing with it.

This isn’t a gun issue, even if Pierson didn’t have that shotgun he would still have gone to that school to murder Tracy Murphy.  With a knife, a box cutter, an axe or a baseball bat, or just with his flaming bottles of death.  Are we going to start banning glass bottles, rags and alcohol?

But if the gun controllers want to make it an issue, then they must answer these questions: Should we now ban shotguns?  How would registering guns have prevented this?  Why don’t “gun free” zones stop these shootings? And why are gun controllers exploiting another tragedy by pushing for measures that have no impact on this case, ie assault weapons ban?

Oh yeah, this happened in Colorado…what about all that gun control you just passed…I thought that THAT was supposed to stop these things from happening too?

I’ve no doubt that gun controllers will point to the utter failure of gun control as reason for MORE gun control.  Their twisted logic would be humorous if it wasn’t so often tragic.


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