Top 5 Cars Obama Doesn’t Want You To Buy This Christmas

Thinking about how Obama does his best to ruin Christmas for everyone (high unemployment, giving Iran free run at a nuclear weapon, bankcrupting people by forcing them to buy overpriced terrible insurance etc.) I thought I would compile a list of the top 5 cars Obama doesn’t want you to buy this Christmas.

5. The Lexus LS.


Japan’s flagship luxury model  made by Toyota.  It’s not that Obama wants you to avoid buying this car because it’s not American made, he doesn’t want you to buy it because his buddies in China are having a little row with the Japanese over some islands in the East China Sea and wants to do them a solid.  In the spirit of…Mao?

4. The Zenvo ST1.


This Danish made super car is a beauty Obama doesn’t want you to buy.  After his kissy face selfie with Danish Prime Minster Helle Thorning-Schmidt, he doesn’t want to seem like he’s coming on too strong.  I mean, selfies at a funeral are one thing, but you don’t want to seem like you are desperate for attention.



3. The BMW Z4.


When the government forces you to start driving people around how can you if you only have a two seater?  I mean, they are FORCING you to buy overpriced insurance to carry those who can’t pay.  Obama thinks forcing people into public healthcare is all right, why wouldn’t he think that forcing them into public transportation wouldn’t be ok too?

2.  Chevrolet Silverado.


On top of being a pick up truck (a vehicle that instills a sense of self reliance and doing for yourself), after years and years of being under the government yoke, for GM to finally turn a profit after the government gives up control and for GM to pay back all that bailout money when allowed to run their business without government interference would speak volumes to what impact government meddling has on private industry.

1. Ford.  Any Ford.


Ford never took bailout money.  Ford was the metaphorical guy pulling himself up by the bootstraps while GM and Chrysler were sucking on the government teet.  The better Ford does the worse the “Government is the answer” line plays.  And while Obama still tries to rescue his Obamacare disaster, it is not a narrative he wants portrayed.

The more I think about, outside of maybe electric cars like the Volt or the Tesla (Obama’s gotta give some love to his environmental peeps) that are fireballs on wheels, Obama probably doesn’t want you to buy ANY cars.  I mean, if you are destitute enough he probably will just plunge the country deeper in debt (it’s only Chinese money right?) and GIVE cars away in order to bolster his approval rating.

You know…like cell phones.



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