DC looking to nickel and dime gun owners to death

What is the result of not protecting the right to keep and bear arms in the manner in which the 2nd Amendment enumerates; ie shall not be infringed?

You get the city of Washington DC going out of their way to make criminals out of the law abiding.  Or at the very least trying to dissuade people from exercising their rights by adding so many fees and hoops to jump through that they will just become disenfranchised.

DC has changed its gun laws again, this time requiring RE-registration for all guns in the city.  Failing to do so can result in fines up to $1000 and a YEAR in jail.

As many people have pointed out, the hassle and headache of trying to register for a handgun in DC is rigged to try and dissuade you as much as possible from exercising your right.  For one thing you have to go down and register IN PERSON.  On the outset that may not sound like such a big deal, but entering a hostile environment (a DC police station that by and large doesn’t want you to have gun) you may spend an entire day there until someone deems it time to deal with you.  And with around 50,000 people who need to also re-register their guns, waiting all day is in the realm of possibility.

Now you must also PAY for the PRIVILEGE of being treated like a criminal and having a mugshot taken along with your fingerprints.

Plus, if the DC gun haters in charge can so easily change the law to negatively affect you this time, what will stop them from making this a yearly occurrence of re-registration?  As it stands, re-registration will be every three years…FOR NOW.  But with Pandora’s box flung wide open, thanks to the Supreme Court ruling “reasonable” restrictions can be levied against individuals 2nd Amendment rights, DC’s city council can now make re-registration an annual or bi-annual occurrence.  Hell, they can make it a weekly or daily thing that gun owners have to endure just to push them to say “it’s not worth it”.

The reasoning behind the re-registration is as hollow as the DC power brokers adherence to the Constitution.

DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier states: “Every three years you’ll have to confirm you still live in the District and you still have your firearm.”

My question is why?

First of all, criminals aren’t going to register their weapons in the first place so lets not even pretend this has anything to do with crime.

Secondly, if a person moves out of the District it doesn’t really affect DC, so why submit everyone else to check for a non-issue?

Thirdly, who cares whether they have their firearm or not, you have them listed as having it so it’s not like they are trying to pull one over on you…EXCEPT…

ahhh yes…now I see.

As has been constantly proven, the only reason to have a registration of firearms is to facilitate the CONFISCATION of said firearms.

But what is accomplished by TAKING PEOPLE OFF THE REGISTER?  By keeping the list more up to date the police can streamline their efforts and not waste time busting down doors of houses where no 2nd Amendment rights are being exercised, but rather focus more directly on snuffing out freedom in the houses where it exists.

Once again, the gun haters and confiscators reveal themselves.

This re-registration scheme is all about disenfranchising Americans from exercising their rights and if that fails, the ability of the District to effectively confiscate the firearms of those who would not be cowed when it is politically viable to do so.

I don’t “blame” the gun haters.  That would be like blaming a dog for licking it’s own butt.

I blame the Supreme Court ruling of DC v Heller and the false notion that restrictions on a right that shall not be infringed can be anything other than unreasonable.


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