In America, freedom of speech is encouraged…so long as you agree with the liberal left

One of the most hypocritical aspects in America is the notion that liberals are some bastions for freedom, acceptance and tolerance.

That’s horse manure.

Liberals propagate this false notion that everyone should have a voice and everyone should be accepted for their views.  But in truth, liberals believe that everyone should have a voice and everyone should be accepted for their views so long as they speak in agreement and share the same views as liberals.

The most recent example making headlines is that of Phil Robertson who dared speak his mind with regards to homosexuality.

Tamara Jackson did a great story on the fallout that can be read here: A&E: Phil Robertson on hiatus after frank comments on homosexuality!

Phil Robertson gave an interview in which he stated that he doesn’t believe that homosexuality is right and that he does not embrace it.  Yet he also said that he doesn’t disrespect people who are different than him but maintains his right not to be forced to accept their choices.

Of course, for militant left leaning hate mongers who love to play the victim card like GLAAD, Phil Robertson’s viewpoints cannot be allowed to stand.

Wilson Cruz of GLAAD released this statement:

Phil and his family claim to be Christian, but Phil’s lies about an entire community fly in the face of what true Christians believe. He clearly knows nothing about gay people or the majority of Louisianans — and Americans — who support legal recognition for loving and committed gay and lesbian couples.

Phil’s decision to push vile and extreme stereotypes is a stain on A&E and his sponsors who now need to reexamine their ties to someone with such public disdain for LGBT people and families.

Talk about lies.  First of all, as I recall, the majority of States in the Union DO NOT allow same sex marriage.  The numbers breakdown with 33 States that have laws AGAINST gay marriage with only 16 that allow them with New Mexico not have a position one way or the other.

And the only reason it is 16 states is because of the disenfranchisement of California voters who voted to ban gay marriage but were sold out by the State’s Attorney General and Governor who wouldn’t fight the legal suit brought on by the MINORITY.  Basically California got hijacked by the few in order to vacate a lawful and legal vote.

And what was so vile and extreme about Robertson’s views?  The fact that he doesn’t agree with GLAAD and won’t condone homosexuality?  It goes against his religious views.  Why are GLAAD and the mouth foamers who are calling for Robertson’s head, so readily willing to shred the First Amendment to silence opposition when they so insistently wrap themselves up in it when they demand their voices are heard?

The answer is just plain old hypocrisy.  You see, the far left is all about letting people have their say, so long as they say the “correct things” and have the “correct views”.  If you aren’t pulling the company line then in their eyes you need to be silenced.

Now, no doubt the militant left will say something like “Gay people are born that way and should be accepted”.  I’ll forgo the argument about gays being born that way.  But in doing so the liberal left must accept that alcoholics, schizophrenics and pedophiles are “born that way” too.  Should I accept those people as they are just because they are born that way?

Of course not.  Being born a certain way should not be a justification to force people to accept their behavior.

Let’s touch on the “vile and extreme stereotypes” that GLAAD’s rep Mr. Cruz touched on.

Some of the most vile and hateful people I know are reprobate liberal mouthfoamers who come out of the woodwork in order to say the most despicable things about other people.

Gun haters wishing for the children of the NRA to get cancer or be murdered.

Like Liberal Journalism Professor David Guth



Just becuase they believe in the 2nd Amendment, God should damn them and their children should die?  Not very accepting of another’s lifestyle.

Or Olympic Shooter Corey Cogdell who is also a hunter.  The PETA brigade was out in full force to “discuss” her lifestyle choice to be a hunter:



Not to mention the twitter onslaught of which I highlight the following:



But even Obama says he believes in a person right to hunt.

And let’s not forget 6 year old Isaac Anthony who so enraged the liberal left after appearing in an anti-Obama video that calls were made for HIS death too.

isaac2 isaac3 isaac4 isaac5 isaac1


So a six year old child who disagrees with Obama deserves to be raped by Jerry Sandusky, get aids, die in a car crash or be murdered?  The “tolerant” liberal left ladies and gentlemen.

You can watch the video and read the whole story at Patriot Update:  Liberal wish death on 6 year old conservative after video goes viral

Compared to this Phil Robertson spoke like an angel with dolcet tones.  He didn’t call for the extermination of gays or any form of violence.  He doesn’t agree with homosexuality yet in true form, the liberal left is coming out in force to try and demonize him and marginalize him as some out of touch hick.

In truth he is a college educated, conservative, salt of the Earth Christian who stands by his convictions.

Outside of not being a black college educated, conservative salt of the Earth Christian who stands by his convictions, he encapsulates everything the left hates.  Someone principled who will not kow tow to their bullying.

Oh, and the part about being black?  Liberals especially hate when a black person stands up to them because it undercuts their message of race and hate mongering so they give those individuals a double dose of their “tolerance”.  Case in point, the Editor of Vogue and his comments on Allen West:


Hey, do anti gunners and those who would deny me my God given rights upset me?  Of course,  I know a bunch of anti-gun people.  But I don’t walk up and spit in their face and hope their children contract terminal diseases and die.

Liberals don’t seem obligated for any sense of decorum or restraint.  The internet has provided a platform to cowards who wish to threaten and abuse others yet cloak themselves in anonymity and distance.

As Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said years ago, this is nothing more than a high tech lynching.  Yet instead of being done by the US Senate, it is now perpetrated by the militant liberal left against anyone who would disagree with them.


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