Let us not forget the meaning of Christmas and what we are celebrating

In all the hubub of Christmas shopping and the commercialization of the holiday it is good to take a step back and remember the reason for the season and what it is we are celebrating.

Don’t get me wrong, I love unwrapping Christmas gifts under the tree in the morning and giving gifts in love and friendship to those near and dear to my heart, but that is not what Christmas is about.  That is what is done to celebrate it.

Too often the line between those two separate notions get blurred.

But this is the day we recognize that some 2013 years ago, Jesus Christ, the Messiah and savior of all mankind was born.  His birth was a miracle and far away Kings were guided by a star to pay homage to this babe in swaddling cloth, giving him gifts.  This boy would grow to be the single most important figure in all of human history.

So with all the gifts being given, the toasts of good cheer and the hubub that surrounds spending time with family and friends, remember that we do so to commemorate the birth of  a boy who would be the Lord of lords and King of kings; who would give His life so that we may have ours eternal.


Merry Christmas dear readers, and the Happiest of Years to come for you and yours.


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