When seconds count police are only HOURS away

Do you remember playing telephone as a child?  A group of you would whisper a message to each other along a line and see if it stayed intact and coherent from the first person to the last.  Well, unfortunately in real life the results aren’t as hilarious if you are waiting for the police to help you.

In Dallas, a man who defended his store while being robbed by 4 armed gunmen had to wait 74 minutes for the police to arrive because the 911 operator couldn’t understand what he was saying.  Fortunately for the store manager he had his .38 revolver and was able to drive the attackers off and shooting one.

Yet it took so long for the police to arrive the manager decided to go home and wait.  When the police finally showed up they called him to come back and give his report.  I shudder to think what would happen if the man had been unarmed and was shot by the assailants and had to wait around for over an hour before help arrived.

You can see the surveillance video along with hearing the 911 call at girlsjustwannahaveguns.com

After listening to the 911 tape with my eyes closed (so as not to read the captions but just to listen) I’ll admit the guy was winded because of the excitement and had a slight accent but some things he said are clear as day, namely: 2 guys had a gun…shot them

How this was downgraded to a simple robbery allowing the cops to take their sweet ole time getting their is beyond me.

But shame on the 911 operator for not asking follow up questions if she didn’t understand the man.  Someone innocent could really have been bleeding to death because she didn’t take the time to be clear.

And what if the store manager stayed in the back and called 911 instead of fighting back.  His employees literally had guns to their heads and one was beaten…would any of us choose help in 74 minutes over immediately?  I think the sooner the better.  Once again proving that good guys with guns are there when you need them and the police will arrive to do the paperwork.

That’s not a knock on the police, it’s just the reality.  A reality that isn’t helped when you have a half hearted effort by a 911 operator compounding the delay.

Fortunately the store owner was armed and the reality of this day is that hero gun owner fends off 4 armed criminals saving employees.


This story actually reminded me of an incident that I was involved with in college.  I was sleeping in my girlfriend’s dorm room on a Friday night (a gun free zone) and had to head to an Ultimate Frisbee tournament early Saturday morning.

Yeah…your gun loving, 2nd Amendment defending, bullets first mindset author was a big time Ultimate Frisbee player in college, four time national qualifier btw 😮

Anyways, I left her dorm room about 4 in the morning and walked home to get my gear and drive to the tournament that was about an hour and a half away.  As I get closer to my apartment I see that the top of my Jeep Wrangler had been ripped off.  Figured someone pried it off to look for something, I approached.

Lo and behold crouching in the bushes was a guy with a hammer in his hand.

Remember, gun free zone dorm and me following the rules now left me unarmed with a hammer wielding maniac who had just been working over my jeep, crouching int he bushes waiting for me.  I try to keep it cool and ask the guy if he was all right, not letting on that it was MY jeep he was vandalizing.  He mumbles something and I reach for my phone and call 911 thinking I could detain him until the police got their.  I was less than a year out of my active duty military commitment so I felt pretty good at my chances.

Of course he took the moment I connected to 911 to rush me.  I dodged the hammer and hip tossed him.  Unfortunately he rolled on the ground away from me and started sprinting away.  Now, while on the phone with 911 I am chasing the hammer man yelling that I’m gonna get him and telling the 911 operator to hold on while I chase a hammer wielding maniac who attacked me and vandalized my jeep.

I should have hung up the phone because it slowed me down enough that I lost him in a darkened alley that ended in a 10 ft drop off and a hidden staircase.  I ran flying off it but didn’t break any bones because as I blindly went off this dropoff I grabbed out and wrapped my arm around a rusted wire fence that gashed my forearm pretty good.  No tetanus but I bear the scar of it to this day.

I fill in all these details because finally, when the guy gave me the slip I told the 911 operator what happened.

To wit:  A man was waiting for me in the bushes next to my vehicle, he jumped out and attacked me, I’m bleeding from my arm and he is still skulking in between houses but I know his general location.

Response time: TWO HOURS

Now, I don’t speak with an accent.  I was clear as day.  What was this classified as, vandalism, so the cops took their sweet time to get their?  There is an armed man with a hammer and a victim who is bleeding.  How is the response time TWO HOURS, I could have been dead by that time.

If there was any bright side to this, beyond me stumbling across this guy before any serious damage happened to my jeep, it was that from that instance, a real world lesson was ingrained and galvanized into my mind.

It is better to have  a gun and not need it than need one and not have it.


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