A SAFE Act? Cuomo official uses handgun as laser pointer during presentation

Perhaps while Andrew Cuomo was forcing the unconstitutional SAFE Act down the throats of New Yorkers he should have included the confiscation of guns by his own administration.

It has come out that on October 24th of last year, Jerome Hauer, Cuomo’s Dir. of Homeland Security, took out his Glock 9mm handgun (you know, the one WITHOUT a safety) and used the laser pointer on it to give a presentation to a Swedish delegation.

As you can imagine the Swede’s became a little discomforted as Hauer waved his handgun around, flagging them all as he spoke and gesticulated.

Apparently being the Dir. of NY’s Homeland Security doesn’t mean you know the first thing about gun safety, of which one of the tenets is never point your weapon at something you aren’t willing to destroy.

And this isn’t an overreaction of the foreign delegation as I too would not be comfortable with some pencil pusher flagging me with the barrel of his handgun as he spoke to me about Superstorm Sandy, the topic of the day.

In fact, one of the witnesses to the event stated that two people opposite Hauer at the table moved quickly out of the line of the laser when he brought out the gun.

People were basically diving for cover to avoid being killed by Hauer’s asininity.

When Hauer was previously asked why he carries a gun he has responded flippantly saying to “look him up on Google”.

Fair enough Mr. Hauer.  Google is an amazing search engine and here is what I found.

Mr. Hauer makes $136,00 a year.  He has a license to carry a firearm in both upstate New York as well as New York City; must be nice to have connections that ordinary citizens are denied.

But looking further things start to get more interesting.  Hauer is NOT in law enforcement nor has he ever been.  His position as Dir. of NY’s Homeland Security does NOT grant him the authority of law enforcement officers.  This is important because IT IS AGAINST THE LAW FOR STATE EMPLOYEES TO BRING WEAPONS TO THE WORKPLACE if they are not employed as law enforcement officers.

Hauer, on top of being an ignorant and dangerous gun owner is also a criminal who is flaunting the laws that normal New Yorkers have to suffer under while he cloaks himself in the protection of privilege and connections.

I mean, on top of being a hypocritical criminal who supports the disarmament of the people through the SAFE Act yet breaks the laws of the same state, how LAZY do you have to be not to simply get a regular, non lethal, laser pointer?

Peter Cutler, Hauer’s communications officer, tried to mitigate the issue by saying that “PERHAPS” Hauer received some “carve out” from the Public Facilities Law banning state employees from entering state offices with firearms.

Once again Cuomo and his corrupt, Constitution destroying cabal have illustrated that they are above the law and that they are willing to infringe upon other peoples rights while willfully ignoring the application of those laws when it comes to them personally.

And even if there was no SAFE Act issue, ACTUALLY SAFETY would demand that Hauer get his head out of his fourth point of contact and know better than placing everyone in that room at the end of a barrel of a loaded gun with no safety feature save the trigger.

Luckily no one died…this time.  Do I expect Hauer to face any criminal repercussions on this matter?  No.  He will simply get the liberal gun control pass.  You know, the pass that allows liberal gun controllers to willfully break the laws of a jurisdiction because laws don’t really apply to them. (see Diane Feinstein DC ban violation)

This is just another example of why New York needs to right itself and vote Andrew Cuomo out of office this November, the only question is who has the moral backbone to stand up and demand the SAFE Act get torn down?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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