Another innocent man being railroaded by gun control

I guess “innocent” is technically not true but what was not a crime a week ago is one now, as Tyrone Watson found out.

The 30 year old Bridgeport man is the first person to be charged in Connecticutt for having a “high capacity magazine”.

Or, rather, for having the magazine that came with his handgun known by most rational people as a normal magazine.  But this is what happens when gun controllers get to arbitrarily dictate what is “high capacity” and define what is “normal”.

Few pistols now a day hold less than 11 rounds, the noticeable exception being the 1911 and its clones.  But Glocks for instance, favored by law enforcement departments around the country hold 15 rounds standard.  Springfield Armories popular XD line hold 13 rounds for the .45 (also standard) and even more for the smaller caliber rounds.  The Baretta 9mm holds 15 rounds as does the Ruger .40 and most Sig Sauer’s have a capacity from 11 to 15 rounds.

These are some of the most popular makers of handguns in the world yet somehow their “standard” magazine has been ruled “high capacity” by some bureaucrat in Hartford and as such law abiding gun owners are having their rights infringed.

Gun owners like Tyrone Watson who was pulled over for having a dented license plate at 1 in the morning.  While searching for his license to give to the officer the officer spied Watson’s Concealed Carry Permit.  At which point the officer asked if Watson had a firearm with him.

Since Connecticut isn’t a”must inform” state the correct answer Watson should have given was “I have nothing illegal in this car officer”.

If the officer wanted to take it further that is on him but one should not facilitate their own injustice.

But Watson said that he did have his firearm on him and was removed from his vehicle and disarmed.  The officer noted that the pistol had a standard 15 round magazine in it and cited Watson with Connecticut’s idiotic high capacity law.

The law being that you must register all magazines that hold more than 10 rounds with the state by Jan. 1st 2014.

How does this stop crime I wonder.  Like a criminal is going to just walk into the police station and say; “oh yeah, I have all these 15 round magazines that I need to register before I rob the bank down the street…I don’t want to break the law while I am breaking the law.”

So it is the law abiding that have to jump through the hoops of gun controls tyranny and by doing so create a de facto handgun registration for the state.  I mean, registering magazines for handguns over 10 rounds means chances are you OWN handguns.

So where does this leave Mr. Watson?  According to the police the officer wrote Watson a summons and gave him back his gun and the magazine, telling him to store the items in his trunk until he arrived at his home.

Gun control saves the day!

Hold on, what?

I’m glad Mr. Watson was allowed to go home and his property wasn’t stolen from him but what is the point of this BS law?  If Watson HAD been a bad guy he could have just driven off, loaded his gun and went on a late night kill spree.  Of course, if he was a bad guy he probably wouldn’t have his concealed carry permit or a legal gun that could be traced back to him in the first place.

It’s mind numbing how counter intuitive gun control is.

Is Watson’s court date on Jan. 17th and ticket stopping another Sandy Hook?  Not at all.  To think otherwise is to be willfully ignorant and naive.  Gun control is set up to punish the law abiding and dissuade the exercise of the right to keep and bear arms. To place as many deterrents to the practice that many people just toss their hands up and say “forget about it.”  The gun control movement is built on disenfranchisment, not of criminals but of the people who are willing to follow the law.

And while the law abiding are getting screwed the criminals are tripping the light fantastic in a night where only they are armed and police are far away.

Of course this isn’t the first case of a gun owner railroaded in the state, lest we forget Sung-Ho Hwang, President of the New Haven Bar Association when he was arrested on the orders of the Chief of Police and publicly vilified by the Mayor just for having the sense to be legally armed when seeing a movie at 1am.

You can read the full account here: New Haven tries to hang Hwang

Fortunately, after the public outcry all charges against Mr. Hwang were eventually dropped.

Apparently though, not railroading the innocent isn’t something that the politicians have gotten around to embracing yet.

Good luck Connecticut.


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