Gov Cuomo endorses actions by retired cop who killed rude movie theater patron

A retired police officer shot two people, one fatally, during a cell phone dispute inside a Florida movie theater yesterday.

71 year old, retired Tampa, FL cop Curtis Reeves asked 43 year old Chad Oulson to stop texting during the movie.  When Chad refused Curtis left to alert staff.  Upon his return Chad asked if Curtis went and told on him at which point an argument broke out.

At this point, Curtis took out his sidearm and shot Chad Oulson and his wife Nicole.  Chad would die of his wounds.


UPDATE: According to the police report the incident took place during the previews and not the movie itself.  Reeves is attempting to claim self defense as a bag of popcorn was thrown at him.  Witnesses claim no physical contact occurred between the two men (save the popcorn) before Reeves shot and killed Oulson.  The report can be read here: Police Report on Theatre Shooting


While this did happen in Florida, Governor Cuomo has gone on the record and passed legislation ensuring that retired police officers have the ability to murder innocent unarmed people.

How is this?

Because under the SAFE Act and subsequent amendments to it, Police Officers are special citizens who have rights above those of regular citizens.  One of those rights is that they are exempted from having to follow the SAFE Act to begin with.  

As of July 5th of 2013 Retired police officers are exempt from magazine limits and the ban on so called “assault” weapons.  This coupled with the un-American Law Enforcement Officer’s Safety Act which allows retired cops to carry their handgun anywhere in the country has once again established a caste system where cops are placed in a special class while us lowly peasants must suffer infringements to our rights.

Are cops some special Captain America types that never commit crimes or otherwise do bad things?  Are there no such things as crooked cops or cops who have ever been guilty of rape or murder?

My point is not to disarm retired cops but rather to see that the rights that they get to enjoy extended beyond the notion of class privilege to all Americans.

We are all supposed to be equal under the law, but while Gov. Cuomo supports cops murdering rude movie theater patrons he will not support the innocent grad student co-ed who is going to be gang raped because she’s not allowed to carry a firearm.  Or stop the home invasion murder of a family because the homeowner couldn’t load more than 7 bullets in his gun while 4 guys stormed his house.  Life isn’t like the movies, its not all one shot one kill.

But as long as cops are allowed to protect themselves I guess Cuomo can sleep at night, the peons are beneath everything except his contempt.

As for the retired Tampa cop he will be charged with 2nd Degree murder.

Fun facts: Cobb Theatres has a strict no weapons policy.  Gun free zone works again.

Curtis Reeves wasn’t some disgruntled cop, he retired as a Captain from the Tampa PD

Reeve’s established Tampa’s first Tactical Response team; is this incident the equivalent of a no knock warrant when there is not a dog around to shoot?

Witness, Charles Cummings states: “I can’t believe people would bring a gun to a movie.”  Really?  After Aurora why WOULDN’T people bring a gun to a movie?

This all started because Oulson was texting his 3 year old daughter.  Not condoning Reeves actions but really, that couldn’t wait till after the movie?  What’s so important that you need to text a 3 year old during a movie.  The cell phone probably lit up like Christmas in a dark theater.  Rudeness can get you killed.  Doesn’t make it right…but it doesn’t make you any less dead.

Random acts of violence can happen anywhere and just because a person wears or wore a shield does not make them immune from being a criminal.  They should not get special exemptions that leave the regular law abiding at a disadvantage or as a lower class of citizen.

Gov. Cuomo doesn’t feel that way, he’s all about exempting himself, the police and his cronies, like his Dir. of NY’s Homeland Security who is allowed to willfully defy state law and bring his personal firearm onto state property so he can terrorize a group of Swedish diplomats. 

The only question remains is if the residents of New York (not even sure if they count as citizens anymore) are going to stand for it.  Cuomo’s up for election in this fall, so I guess we’ll see.


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