Another Activist Judge, Another Double Standard Stickin It To The 2nd Amendment

Judges are SUPPOSED to be like umpires or referees.

I mean that, though you may not agree with them they are consistent.  In being such they do not favor some rights more than others.

Yet once again, an activist judge has decided to toss out the will of the people on logic that would be unheard of if used with regard to the 2nd Amendment.

Commonwealth Court Judge Bernard L. McGinley, a Democrat,  has tossed out Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law because:

the law would unreasonably burden the fundamental right to vote, and the state had been unable to convincingly explain why it was necessary.”

Funny, examples of voter fraud aren’t convincing but somehow Andrew Cuomo, Barack obama and other rabid gun controllers speaking in hyperbole is convincing?

There is NO evidence that gun control has stopped or reduced gun crime.  In FACT, over the past 100 years, whenever major gun control is passed crime skyrockets until gun rights are restored in some measure.


So what’s so convincing about gun control that it holds up under “SOME” judges?  I wonder if it has anything to do with politics and personal biases.

McGinley would further snub his nose at gun owners with this gem:

“Voting laws are designed to assure a free and fair election; the Voter ID Law does not further this goal”

Guess what Judge, the 2nd Amendment was designed to assure a free people the means to which defend themselves from tyranny.  Gun Control does not further that goal.  Would you be so willing to rule on this matter the same way you did with the Voter ID law?

Therefore, McGinley, unless he is a raging hypocrite, believes that Pennsylvania must become a Constitutional Carry state as well because the burden of going to get a permit is just TOO great.  He says it is for voters:

“In contrast to 9,300 polling places, to obtain an ID for voting purposes, a qualified elector must overcome the barrier of transport and travel to one of PennDOT’s 71 (licensing centers) during limited hours.”

Oh the burdens…the BURDENS.  There are only 67 Sheriffs in Pennsylvania, yet no one cares about MY burden to go to their office and PAY them in order to exercise my RIGHT to carry a concealed weapon.

As a young college student, when I went to vote for the first time I brought my driver’s license and my voter registration card.  Why?  Because I just figured they HAD to ask for these things or else what would stop people from abusing the system.

The answer is nothing.  It’s EASY.  Cheating usually is.

How hard is it to get an ID and prove you are who you say you are?

There is a lot of talk about the disenfranchisement of the elderly or minorities.  If the minorities are illegal aliens than yeah, disenfranchise the heck out of them because THAT’s the point.  To stop people who aren’t allowed to vote to vote.

But to imply that US Citizens, both old and young are too lazy, ignorant or stupid (there’s a difference) to get an ID is insulting.

Let’s run down a list of things you need an ID for in Pennsylvania.

  • Driving
  • Getting a gun
  • getting a LTCF
  • getting on a plane
  • open a bank account
  • get on welfare
  • cash a check at a check cashing place
  • get on medicaid
  • get assisted living public housing
  • buy a house
  • register a car

The list goes on but you get the point.  So, unless you are a homeless bums who has rejected society and avoids the system entirely EVERYONE should have ID for something.  The old, the poor, minorities etc.

But somehow it is too tough to get a ID in order to vote.  Riiiiiiiight.

But that’s fine.  I don’t agree with it but if that’s going to be the logic in striking down Voter ID laws in Pennsylvania I look forward to the Keystone State’s, soon to be realized, status as a Constitutional Carry State with all gun control that requires background checks and ID’s to be struck down as well.

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