Does America need to look to Mexico for a reminder of the true meaning of the 2nd Amendment?

The 2nd Amendment isn’t about hunting.

That is a well and established fact.

And while the 2nd Amendment is about defense it does not end there.

You see, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms goes so much further than simply defending yourself and your property.  It was enumerated in the Constitution so that the people would always have the means in which to defend their liberty and freedom from dangers both foreign AND domestic.  Namely its own government…or those who act freely with the government’s allowance.

And, despite what VP Biden would have you believe, you need a little more than granddaddy’s ole double barrel shotgun blasting warning shots to do so.

But in the US, it seems many have forgotten our roots.  That, while this country was founded on ideals, it was forged at the muzzle of a gun and the tip of a bayonet.

For those who say such acts are antiquated for these modern times one need look no further to refute that claim than to a country that BORDERS us…Mexico.

With a corrupt government that turns a blind eye to the kidnapping, torturing and murdering of its people at the hands of the drug cartels, what have the Mexican people begun to do?  Why, form their own militias of course.

In Antúnez, Mexico, citizens were tired of the government’s wanton complicity in the cartels free range over the populace and armed themselves.  These citizen defenders swooped into town and drove off the drug cartel that had stolen land, extorted money, forced them to leave offerings at a shrine to its leader and threatened worse to the people of  Antúnez.

What was the government’s reaction?  NOW they were ready to act and send in the army.  Yet it wasn’t to finally face the cartels but rather to disarm the citizens who had already fought them off.  The Mexican government was content to sit on their culos when the cartels, armed to the teeth, were victimizing towns at will, but when a few farmers and peasants arm up and free themselves from the oppression, the army couldn’t have been sent in faster.

Ultimately this led to a standoff between the army and the people of Antúnez.  I don’t mean just the armed fighters; the farmers, the elderly, everyone met the army at the town border and locked arm in arm denied them entrance, knowing that they had come to disarm and arrest the cities sentinels.

The army’s reaction to this peaceful defiance was to open fire which resulted in the death of at least two citizens.

“He was just a farmer, and now he died for a cause,” one resident, Luis Sánchez, said of Mario Torres, 48, a lime picker who was not part of the vigilante group but was among the two buried on Wednesday as mourners cried out against the government and the soldiers.

Apparently after the stand made at Antúnez, the government has backed off…for now.

But the arming of private citizens to fend off the tyranny of the cartels is not limited to one single town.  Throughout Mexico, the people are arming up to take back their freedom.

In one of these towns the citizen sentinels are led by a community doctor, pushed toward his activism after seeing young girls brought to him after being kidnapped and raped by cartel members. He took a dim view of the Army’s efforts, telling a reporter, “They don’t come here to dismantle criminal organizations. Their only mission is to protect federal roads.”

Apparently the roads are more important than the wholesale rape and murder of innocent people.

And how is Mexico’s strict gun control measures working out?  Well, when the people followed the gun control laws only the government and the cartels had guns and the people were slaves to both.  Now that they people have started to ignore the gun control laws they are finding the freedom and liberty that they had lost.

Hey America…I hope you are taking notes.  Things like assault weapon bans and measures like the SAFE Act are all the rage in Mexico…yet it doesn’t seem to be much good for the people.  That is until they decide that their God given rights trump the limitations placed on them by their government.

Food for thought.

Viva el pueblo Mexicanos liberados!

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