“Assault” Weapons a no-no for citizens but “Patrol Rifles” are a go for cops

I guess we are going to start the week off with some gun control hypocrisy…shocker.

The Chicago Police department, you know them; the ones who have fought against citizen’s right to keep and bear arms by claiming there will be blood in the streets, all the while having a disarmed populace being able to do nothing about all the blood running in the streets; decided to get all knee deep in hypocrisy doo doo.

Well, not only have the dug in their collective heels while innocent men, women and children are being slaughtered thanks to the success of gun control, but now they have added a dollop of hypocrisy to the bloody stew.

In response to the following billboard placed in Chicago:



The Chicago police issued a statement saying: “military style weapons belong on the battlefield and not on the street.”

I know that little quip is all the range for the gun banners but it is just as hypocritical when the politicians who are protected by these weapons say it as it is when the police who USE these weapons say it.

CPD approved list

CPD approved list1

So I guess what the Chicago PD is saying is the Chi-Town is a war torn battlefield and THEY need these types of weapons.  I guess everyone else is out of luck and at the mercy of either bloodthirsty criminals or a militarized police force found in third world countries run by dictators.

I mean, look at that list, telescoping stock, 30 round mags, “tactical” sling, flash suppressors…if you were a private citizen in New York or Washington DC and even mentioned the idea of getting something like that the “authority” would have you on a terrorist watch list in a heart beat or would come storming into your home int he middle of the night with a no-knock warrant and kill your dog.

But once again, the authority proves that their is TWO America’s; one where the people are subjects and those in power the masters who deserve rights that are denied the chattel.

I guess that “toddlin town” still needs to grow up and learn that it’s are in America.


On a bright side for the First Amendment, Lamar Advertising, the company that allowed the billboard to be placed in the first place refused to kow tow to the hysterics of the rabid gun controllers (like Mom’s Demand Action) and issued a statement via Facebook:



Good for them.  But the attempt by gun control groups to silence any opposing view just goes to show that the controllers are in it to CONTROL first and foremost.

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