Even when in my favor I reject the idea of “special” citizens – Gun Rights belong to all free Americans

As you have read in my past articles on NY’s SAFE Act, not only do I have a problem with nonsensical rights denying gun control, but I have as big if not bigger problem with the EXCEPTIONS to the laws that are given to politicians, the rich, the powerful and the police.

Since I am not a raging hypocrite like my opponents I therefore will not support or encourage legislation that would make one class of people “more worthy” of a right than another.

In Iowa, a bill has been proposed that will allow active duty military personnel to buy handguns without going through the arduous and Constitutionally unnecessary process of acquiring a permit.

An Iowa house subcommittee passed the bill unanimously and now it heads to the House’s Veterans Affairs Committee.

Currently in Iowa, atop the standard federal background check you need to meet “certain requirements” and PAY A FEE annually in order to get a PERMIT just to ATTEMPT to buy a handgun.

When exactly does the infringement meter break down due to being overwhelmed with bull excrement?

This sick and twisted process should be cast aside for ALL Iowans because it is a gross miscarriage of a Constitutional right.  I mean, you don’t even need to show ID to vote but in Iowa you need to pay for the ability to attempt to exercise a right.

I thought poll taxes and Jim Crow died long ago,yet they still exist for those who attempt to exercise a more vital right than that of voting.

Remember, we didn’t VOTE the British out of America.

With all that you may think that I would be happy about SOME people gaining the ability to bypass such an unconstitutional process.  I mean, as a veteran myself if I were in Iowa this could free me from the tyranny.

And THAT is the problem.  This legislation only frees SOME of the people and once again reinforces the notion that only those who somehow facilitate the government, be they cops, soldiers or politician are worthy of having their rights remain un-infringed.   That mindset is a cancer that must be cut out.

I’m an American.  My rights are enumerated in the US Constitution and as such are sacrosanct to any tyranny.  One need not have to serve the government in order to gain these rights and those who do not should not have those rights curtailed or infringed.

Show me a bill that outlaws the unconstitutional practice of purchase permits and I will be on board.  But to handpick the “privileged” and exempt them from it while casting the rest as unworthy is something I will not champion.

Being an American is enough…woe to this country when it is not.


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