Another bit of oppression falls in Colorado. Open Carry Ban in Castle Rock Repealed

Perhaps Colorado, as a whole, has seen the error of its ways.

I mean, Colorado…come on…remember your roots and forget all about the gun hating Californian transplants you have had to suffer over the years.

Finally, and fortunately, I think Colorado is remembering who it is.

On top of the recalls and resignations, individual towns are taking back their rights and Castle Rock was not to be denied a moment longer.

The State of Colorado recognizes the right to open carry firearms.  Unfortunately, it has not pass legislation that would pre-empt any jurisdiction from usurping the rights of its citizens so there are pockets of tyranny in Colorado, most notably in Denver.

But that doesn’t mean that tyranny must remain as the town of Castle Rock, just a few miles south of the mile high city, has finally cast off the shackles of infringement and repealed the ban.

Though that is not to say it was an easy win.

The Rocky Mountain Gun Owners spearheaded the drive for the repeal and after 4 hours of testimony in front of the city council and an hour long deliberation by the council the motion to repeal the ban was passed by a vote of 4-3.

I hope the citizens of Castle Rock and RMGO remember the 3 council members who voted for infringement over freedom, when the next election comes around.

Political Director of RMGO Joe Neville released the following statement:

“Our freedoms are constantly being stripped away and the decision to repeal the open carry ban sets Colorado on a course of restoring freedom, rather than limiting it.  Castle Rock Second Amendment supporters stood up for their rights and in doing so have invigorated gun rights supporters across the country.”

With luck, the momentum that has been gained through the recalls and actions like those found in Castle Rock will first and foremost set Colorado back on the right path but also stem the flow of idiocy from California in regards to the Left Coast’s suppression of 2nd Amendment rights.


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