Peaceful Rebellion Catching Fire In Connecticut

Gun control zealots, empowered from feeding off the blood of young children, seized their moment to punish the law abiding citizens of Connecticut last year and passed pointless gun control legislation that did nothing to prevent gun violence.

Rather, these ghouls who exploit tragedy and the death of young children for their own ends, hoisted upon the innocent, draconian measures that sought to strip the rights from citizens in order to make them subjects and more easier to control.

I must admit, I had underestimated the people of the Constitution State, because rather than just bending over and taking it they have risen up in quiet rebellion against this tyranny and have simply said: “No.”

The legislation of citizen control that was passed last year in Hartford required that citizens who owned sporting rifles or any magazine that held more than 10 rounds (aka MOST magazines), must have those items registered with the state.  Of course, the ONLY reason to have these items registered is so that the state has an easier time in confiscating them when they decide it is tenable to do so.

How does registration stop a mass shooter?  It doesn’t.  Ergo, gun control isn’t about stopping crime, it’s about controlling freedom.

But in order to do that, the people of Connecticut must be complicit in facilitating their own injustice which, according to the numbers in the official report of the Connecticut Office of Legislative Research, they by and large have been refusing to do.

So far only about 50,000 so called “assault” rifles and 40,000 “high capacity” magazines have been listed for eventual confiscation.   But according to reports the number of actual magazines in the state that are required to be registered could be in the MILLIONS while the sporting rifles are estimated to be over 500,000.  Even by that low estimate, 90% of gun owners have chosen their rights and rebellion over the tyranny of lesser men.

The controllers somehow think the vast majority of gun owners in Connecticut just didn’t realize that they were required to register their guns and magazines and now Hartford is scurrying to offer “amnesty” for those who register past the Jan. 1st deadline.  Apparently they cannot smell what is cooking because people aren’t being forgetful, they are ACTIVELY IGNORING the law.

This is exactly the reason that gun registrations must be fought against at every opportunity. The State of Connecticut DOESN’T KNOW who has these guns and magazines and therefore cannot go out and summarily punish them.  90% of gun owners in CT can remain free to exercise their rights because they did not willingly forfeit them.  If the day comes in a year or two when registration becomes confiscation, 10% of CT gun owners will be robbed by the government and it is because they facilitated the robbery.

It is akin to inviting burglars into your house during the day and giving them the combination to your safe and telling them where all the good stuff is at.  One shouldn’t be surprised when they come back in the night and take it from you.

I am heartened by the recent resurgence of people in the North East demanding their rights.  I only hope that their burning passion carries through to November because the controllers won’t stop.  They’ll never stop.  So if the people of Connecticut want to ensure their freedom for the future they must rebel, not only by ignoring the unconstitutional laws but also by rallying at the ballot box and kicking out those that would subjugate them.

We must not compromise.

Let the rebellion commence.

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