This Flag Dips To No Earthly King


We were a country with some balls back in the day.

With the beginning of the Winter Olympics I am reminded of a pair of Americans back in 1908.

Ralph Rose was the United States Flag Bearer for the 1908 Summer Olympic Games held in London, England.  In the opening ceremonies Rose walked by the royal box and refused to dip the Stars and Stripes to King-Emperor Edward VII.

US Olympic Team Captain Martin Sheridan upon being questioned about Rose’s refusal simply said: “This flag dips to no earthly king.”


You may be surprised that it wasn’t until Flag Day, June 14th, 1923 that there was any codified government guideline to the flag.  Hence, Rose and Sheridan were ahead of their time and both symbolized the patriotic and religious natures of Americans.

Imagine if you will, what would happen if such a similar act of patriotism and faith were to occur today?

With a President who cannot wait to kow tow to every foreign dignitary, to a media who mocks any principle based off of Christianity (yet will gloss over any barbarism of Islam), and to a government who shreds through the First Amendment when it comes to Christianity yet bends over backwards to placate other religions; these 2 men would still be heroes to true Americans yet vilified by the aforementioned parties.

No doubt Rose and Sheridan would have been expelled from the Olympics by their own country with charges of racism, religious bigotry and being ungrateful to whatever potentate they were supposed to grovel in front of.  The media would label them tea party extremists and the government would arrest them and blame them for any terrorist attack that took place thereafter.

That is the America we have been yoked with today.

But when America was great it was great because American’s both demanded that it be AND accepted that it was.

With the foreign policy of the Obama administration of apologizing, kow towing and cover ups, it is no wonder that America’s luster has dulled so quickly.

We need more people like Rose and Sheridan.  Those who would dip neither flag nor principle to some would be earthly king.

God willing, there are American’s of that ilk still yearning to be great and restore the pride that our current President seeks to drive out of us.


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