Gun Control: Ensuring tigers can freely maul people to death

I love tigers.  I think they are beautiful and majestic creatures.  I would not willingly hunt them.  But that is not to say that I wouldn’t shoot one to death while it was trying to maul my face off for a snack.

Unfortunately for Indians that is not an option.  India’s draconian gun laws bars gun ownership to nearly all of the 1.2 Billion residents of the country.

The Arms Act of 1959 and the Arms Rules 1962 of India prohibits the sale, manufacture, possession, acquisition, import, export and transport of firearms and ammunition unless under a license and is a stringent process.

Who get’s these licenses?  The firearms criteria in India is stringent; applicable for a person, especially having a government position who faces immediate danger or threats, family members of such people and a person whose occupation by nature involves open threats and danger. Exceptions are, defense officers who are allowed to keep firearms without licenses under the Defense Service rule until they complete their service and for professional shooters.

So basically, those who are connected are allowed to defend themselves, the rest of the population are on their own.

Which brings us to the ironically named town of Lucknow, India.

Lucknow is anything but lucky as a tigress has killed her 10th person in 6 weeks.  The latest victim was a 50 year old man who was collecting firewood.  The tigress had eaten the man’s legs and abdomen before being scared off by other villagers brandishing SHOVELS and RODS.

I don’t know if you’ve ever SEEN a tiger…but a few sticks aren’t going to stop it.  Now, a hunting rifle aimed at a feeding cat would do the job just fine.  But in India, if you aren’t a professional hunter you do not get the right to defend yourself from man-eating tigers.

Speaking of hunters, the region where this tigress is hunting has hired a band of professional hunters to eliminate the cat.  First, the region hired six hunters…only 3 showed up.  Second, apparently these hunters can’t track in the forest.

So these “professional” hunters are pretty worthless.  But guess what?  A villager who is watching a tiger eat a person in front of them can pretty much take their sweet ole time before sending the tiger to kitty heaven.

But “no shoot for you”, India.

This isn’t even a matter of guns against tyranny or gun control in the inner cities…there are wild animals EATING PEOPLE yet their only defense against that is a throwback to the dark ages of Europe where people got their pitchforks and torches together.

The point?  If the Indians of this region were armed like Alaskan’s instead of like Washington DC’ers they wouldn’t be prey for wild animals looking for a snack.


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