The absurdity of the assault weapons definition

Bells and whistles.

That is what makes a rifle an ASSUALT rifle and it is ridiculous.

If we  apply the same notion of demonizing to other items that we do to rifles  the absurdity becomes clear.

You want a car with cup holders?  It’s an ASSAULT car.

Your kid wants a tricycle with a horn, it’s an ASSUALT trike.

If your spouse wants a vacuum cleaner with an extendable wand…ASSAULT vacuum.

By and large these things do not change the nature or the function of the item, they simply are some bells and whistles that the owner can enjoy.  But cup holders do not make a car any more dangerous nor does a pistol grip or collapsible stock make a rifle so.

But to illustrate the absurdity of attacks on so called “assault” weapons and the ignorance that gun controllers bring to the table in doing so, take a look at the following video:

I love the dichotomy between gun controllers ignorance and gun owners ingenuity.



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