The heartland moves to expand gun rights

The state houses of Missouri and Kansas have both moved legislation along that will expand the rights of its citizens.

In the Missouri senate, legislation was passed on Tuesday that would nullify federal gun laws that are incongruent with Missourian’s 2nd Amendment rights.  Any agent of the federal government who attempt to infringe upon the rights of a Missourian would face jail time of up to a year as well as a $1000 fine.

Such measures are seemingly more and more appropriate as Obama is talking more and more about acting outside the scope of his power and enacting liberty infringing executive orders to try and pass his draconian ideas of gun control on an unwilling people.

Missouri Sen. Brian Nieves said of the legislation: “This is primarily purposed to protect liberties of Missourians.”

If the federal government is going to ignore the bill of rights, it must fall to the states to keep their people free.

Along with the protection from federal tyranny, the legislation includes a measure that would give school districts the option to designate personnel to carry a concealed weapon in school buildings after undergoing training.

The chicken littles of the gun control movement have been screeching that the sky is falling with that inclusion.

Said Sen. Jamilah Nasheed of St. Louis: “I cannot support this legislation in good conscience, kids are killing kids in school.”

You know what? I’m getting pretty fed up with this disgusting and wilful ignorance on the part of gun controllers.  Nasheed can’t support the legislation to have an armed guard at schools because KIDS ARE KILLING KIDS?!?!?!?!

Isn’t that EXACTLY the reason to support this legislation?  I’m pretty sure that Sen. Nieves did not sneak in an amendment to his bill that somehow would make it easier for kids to kill kids.  Nasheed is either a simpleton or so corrupt in her thinking that she will just utter whatever nonsensical buzzword or phrase that will promote her own agenda even if it is built on the blood of innocent children.

Nieves bill went on to create statewide preemption for licensed open carry and lowering the age to carry concealed to 19.

Across the river in Kansas, legislation is being forwarded that would completely strip communities and towns of their ability to unilaterally pass gun control measures.  Known as pre-emption, the state would be the only elected body that could pass laws that restricted the people of Kansas’ freedom to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

Furthermore, the bill will allow Kansans to carry a firearm in their vehicle without a concealed weapons permit.  Though seemingly less extensive than the moves by Missouri, Kansas would effectively negate the need for its citizens to acquire a CCW in the first place.

In conjunction with the state preemption, open carrying on foot will be universally legal in the state.  By negating the need for a CCW in a motor vehicle Kansans who wish to exercise their rights, without asking the government’s permission to do so, could feasible do so without having to walk everywhere.

But just like in Missouri, there are detractors in Kansas.

Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe, at the Statehouse for other meetings, said he hasn’t had time to review the new language, but that the concept worries him.

What concept is that Mr. Howe?  Freedom?  Liberty?  Yeah, I can imagine a DA would take umbrage with such notions.

It is good to see the common sense of the heartland being promoted and liberty being restored, regardless of how much the controllers hate it.


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