Good for guns: Cruz and Paul top Presidential poll

One of the largest polls conducted for the 2016 election cycle with over 62,000 participants, has found that Sen. [score]Ted Cruz[/score] from Texas and Sen. Rand Paul from Kentucky leading the way with each over 80% of support for desired candidates for the White House.

Personally I love that duo for a ticket.  Or either one if they want to ask Allen West to be a VP.

Why?  Because unlike the bottom of that poll, populated by Chris Christie and others, Cruz and Paul do not have to quantify their support of the 2nd Amendment.  They have never wavered on the issue nor have they compromised the gun rights of those they represent for political expediency.

Furthermore, they have taken an active position in PROMOTING the 2nd Amendment while others, like a certain governor of New Jersey, have done no more to protect the 2nd Amendment than the current governor of California.

I first became introduced to Ted Cruz when I was still with Gun Owners of America.  We supported his “rebellious” upstart campaign in the Republican primary over the establishment’s candidate because Cruz was not one who would compromise away our gun rights in Washington.

It was no wonder that such conviction would mirror that of the gentlemen from Kentucky, Sen. Paul.

Both men stood in the forefront in the battle against Manchin-Toomey and they have consistently and fervently fought President Obama’s end arounds in regards to infringing the 2nd Amendment rights for Americans.

As for Rand Paul, being a libertarian myself I appreciate his stances not only in protecting the 2nd Amendment but also the rights that are 2nd Amendment adjacent, such as the 4th and 5th Amendments.

These 2 men are tigers who will tear down the walls rather than compromise away their beliefs.

Romney, McCain, these were good men in their own rights, but in regards to the 2nd Amendment, at best we were looking at best at 2 “do no harm” presidents.

With the machinations of Obama our next president needs to be someone who will not only maintain our 2nd Amendment rights but champion them, expand them, and fiercely defend them.

When one compromises on that which is inviolate, it is as big an infringement as if they were to strike it from the world itself.

Here are the results of the poll:




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