Introducing the New York Legal AR-15 rifle and the man bringing it to the Empire State

Nestled in the mountains of the southern Adirondacks is a gun shop that is fighting tyranny by giving back the 2nd Amendment to it’s patrons.

With the passage of the SAFE Act and the measures within that are a cross between draconian and byzantine, sporting rifles such as the AR-15 have been prohibited simply because they look scary though they have no functional difference between any other popular hunting rifle.

But, instead of just sitting back and accepting a broad sweeping infringement upon the rights of New Yorkers, Rich Sehlmeyer, owner of The Gun Shop at MacGregors, has been waging his own battle against the SAFE Act by helping oppressed New Yorkers keep possession of the most popular rifle in the country.

A little bit about Rich and his gun shop first.  A small family business that started a decade ago with just 20 rifles and 5 handguns, the place is a bit unassuming at first.  As you will see in the video at the end of this article, it didn’t take long for me to realize I was in the right place once I entered…that it wasn’t just a “roll over and take what Albany gives you” kind of place.

With a healthy inventory, even with a chunk of it out of town for a gun show, The Gun Shop at MacGregor’s was bustling for the entire time I was there.  Cars were lined out from the parking lot to the road. It was pretty much standing room only as patrons bought new weapons and were having their old sporting rifles brought into compliance with the SAFE Act.

Another thing that was quickly noticed was the variety of the patrons.  Were there old white guys?  Yes.  But despite the stereotypes that gun controllers would have us believe there wasn’t JUST old white guys.  Women, young adults, families with kids looking for their first hunting rifle etc and a cavalcade of different ethnicities were all present at one time or another while I was in the shop.

As gun controllers like to paint gun owners and gun shop owners as loose cannons and anarchists who play fast and loose with the law, Rich does not fit into their mold.  Serving honorably for over 20 years as a New York State Trooper, Rich retired and opened up the gun shop back in 2003.  On top of receiving the highest rating from the Better Business Bureau, Rich has been beyond reproach with regards to his business and even though the laws are asinine he follows every one of them.

But that is not to say that Rich just accepts and blindly follows the SAFE Act like a lemming off a cliff.

Working with the inventor of the FRS-15 pistol grip stock Allen Thordsen, Rich encourages New Yorkers not to submit to the tyranny brought on by Cuomo and his cronies in Albany (that never held a firearm before}, but rather to keep your property and your rights intact.

As it stands now, a law written by people with no experience in guns has had the result of being a boom to the New York export industry.

Unfortunately, New York’s top exports are now personal liberty and jobs.  This overreaching oppression is forcing law abiding citizens to sell the weapons they cannot alter out of state and gun companies in New York (which is a surprisingly high number) have finally had enough and are taking their businesses AND JOBS with them to friendlier climes.

With all that being said you may have seen photos of the New York Legal AR-15, in the following video you can see it in motion as Rich describes the how’s and why’s of both the SAFE Act and how his alterations will bring your AR-15 back into compliance with it.  Plus, how utterly pointless the SAFE Act is to begin with.

One more thing from something that Rich mentioned.  The state will give verbal approval for the FRS-15 pistol grip stock but will not, nor does Rich believe ever will, put that in writing.  Why not, even though it fits in exactly with the provisions of the SAFE Act, which Rich and his employees read more than a dozen times?

The only rational reason I can think of is that by putting that opinion in writing codifies it and makes it harder for the state to come back later and demand that you turn your AR-15 anyways.  It really is just another example of the SAFE Act not being the final step…but rather just the first.

New Yorkers best wake up and take a hard look in the mirror come November and ask; is Cuomo’s idea of liberty one I want to live 4 more years with?

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