Strong Gun Control, Oppressive Government…Welcome to Kiev Ukraine

What does an oppressive government, restricting gun control and a total disdain for the populace get you?

So far about 100 people dead and a nation’s capital on fire.

Oddly enough, some people STILL claim that such a thing could never happen here.

First, they need to be stood correctly, they don’t think something like that can happen here…AGAIN.

And i’m not talking about some Whiskey Rebellion on the frontier of Appalachia in the 1700’s.  No, one need only look to the 20th Century to see how an American government can kill and injure it’s own citizens who come to DC for regress of grievances.

In 1932 the “Bonus Army”, some 17,000 WWI veterans and their families (approx 43,000 marchers) came to Washington DC to demand their promised bonus money for serving in the “Great War”.  The

English: 1932 political "cinderella"...

English: 1932 political “cinderella” stamp supporting the Bonus Army. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

government’s response?  Send in the Infantry and 6 tanks to drive the people out.  A number of protesters were shot dead, over 1000 civilians were injured, and all the belongings and property of the Bonus Army was burned.

Truth be told that is pretty much EXACTLY what is happening on the streets of Kiev.

But the proponents of gun control say that it’s been some 80 years since the Bonus Army marched on DC, the government is better and it couldn’t  happen again?

They are half right.  But it’s not the benevolence of the government that keeps soldiers from firing on citizens…it’s simply numbers.

Despite the best efforts of Big Government progressives, gun control has not achieved it’s end game of outlawing firearms from the masses.  It’s THAT failure which prevents DC from being Kiev.

There are an estimated 310 MILLION privately owned firearms in the United States.  If you look at the combined arsenal of the military and police forces throughout the nation, government has a store of roughly 3.85 Million firearms.   That is almost a ratio of 100 to 1 in favor of the citizens of the United States. 

Let’s take a look at the gun controllers paradise that is the Ukraine.

Ukraine’s total population is approx 45 Million people.

The number of Licensed Firearm owners is 640,615.

There are roughly 1 million licensed firearms in they country.

Ukrainian Military and Law enforcement possess over 7.5 MILLION weapons.

So while we in America enjoy a 100 to 1 ratio in terms of private arms vs government arms, Ukrainians are on the wrong side of that equation where for every firearm in private hands they are outnumbered by 7.5 to government controlled guns.

Is it any wonder how Kiev is awash in protester blood and fire?

On the bright side, the protesters (who are fighting against Russian influence btw) have reportedly broken into an armory and stolen 1500 guns along with 100,000 rounds of ammo.

Hmmm…I wonder why the people of a country with such delightful gun control would think that acquiring guns would be an answer…


So what have we learned?

Events like those in Kiev have happened in the US before.

Thanks to the waking of the proverbial sleeping giant, a populace that outguns the government, the chances of such an event occurring are remote.

Gun Control once again fails dramatically in protecting people, especially from what it is most meant to…tyranny.

Despite the repeated failures on both small and International scales, gun controllers will continue to push their agenda.

Here’s a head’s up, including mass purchases by the Dept. of Homeland Security, non-military federal agencies combined have purchased an estimated amount of over two billion rounds of ammunition in the past two years including recently purchasing 141,000 rounds of sniper rifle ammunition and the post office procuring guns and ammo.

But yeah…apparently from the gun controllers we have NOTHING to fear from the government.

To that I say the government should remember that it DOES have something to fear from us.

And THAT is how you remain free.


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