Clock runs out for Wyoming Legislature to protect schools

Wyoming, the great square state of the Midwest has run out of time to do something so forward thinking and revolutionary simple that it would shame North East and California Politicians if said politicians had any credibility to begin with.

Wyoming lawmakers in both houses had voted to let school staff carry guns.  Unlike the gun controllers who seek to stamp out freedom whenever they can and as a result help criminals and madmen go on rampages unfettered by the law abiding, Wyoming had clearly deciphered the riddle that has plagued gun controllers for so long.  GUN FREE ZONES DON’T WORK! 

On February 13th, the Wyoming Legislature voted 54-6 in forwarding a bill that will allow teachers and other school workers who possess a CCW to bring their sidearm onto campus.  On the 19th the Senate committee forwarded a similar piece of legislation to the Senate for debate.  Unfortunately, by Friday the 21st the bills were among 30 that were killed because they couldn’t get addressed in time.

Supporters of the bill claimed that it will be a deterrent against madmen and criminals who would target a Wyoming school.  From what we have witnessed with school shootings in the past is that the shooters are by and large cowards who flee or kill themselves the moment they meet any type of armed resistance.  As such, cowardly killers may just choose to go to a Gun Free Zone where they can murder at will.

But even if it is not a deterrent all the time, it is an EQUALIZER when the time comes.

While it seems that the majority of the state of Wyoming was on board with this measure, including  the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police and the Wyoming School Boards Association, not everyone was.

Kathy Vetter, president of the Wyoming Education Association, asked lawmakers to reject the bill. She claims that even with firearm training, educators may not be prepared to respond in a dangerous situation. She contends that accidents may also occur. “I don’t want a student to be injured because something happens,” she said. “We’ve had people drop their guns right here in Cheyenne in businesses and people have been hurt.”

I guess we should all stop taking showers too because you could slip and fall.  This type of barrel dredging fear mongering is really ridiculous.  Unlike Vetter, I don’t want a student to be injured because something DOESN’T happen, namely someone being able to protect them from a mass shooter.   “Educators may not be prepared to respond to a dangerous situation.”  So a better response if for them to get on their knees and beg for life as someone murders them?

This is just another example of the disgusting mindset of gun controllers; they think it is morally superior to be murdered by a madman than to shoot said madman in self defense.  What gun controllers fear the most is every time a teacher or school official stops a school shooting.  Their allies in the press try and bury those stories as best they can but they still get out.

Like here: School Principal saves day with personal firearm.

Vetter’s continued spewing of mouth manure is just as easily dismissed.  Much like the prognostications of gun controllers who say blood will run in the streets every time gun rights win over gun control, teachers are not going to become Mr. and Mrs. Bumbly Fingers with a slew of negligent discharges as they show their students gun twirling tricks.

While I applaud the effort for this common sense criminal control measure, I chastise the Wyoming Legislature in letting the clock run out on the matter.  With overwhelming support it should have been a simple matter to get this important measure voted on before the deadline passed.

Let us hope that tragedy does not befall the innocent before you get a chance to remedy your error.

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