Another case where Gun Registration leads to Gun Confiscation

As a child, I remember watching the movie Red Dawn starring Patrick Swayze and C. Thomas Howell.

The thing about that movie that really hit a chord with me was a scene when the Soviets had just landed and the commander told one of his lieutenants to go to the gun shops for they would have a list of all the guns owned by the people, thus making it easier for the Soviets to round them up.

Now, while a work of fiction, the concept is sound.  If you make a list of everyone who has a gun, it’s easier for an oppressive authority to confiscate them when they don’t want you to have them.

Unfortunately in America, this is not limited to the realm of fiction.

I have spoken about he jackbooted thuggery of New Orleans Police when they went out and forcibly confiscated guns from citizens in the city during the wake of Hurricane Katrina, but those were “innocent” people.

Today I’m going to highlight a story about a “guilty” person.  The reason guilty is in quotation marks will become clear.

On October 12th, 2013 Paul Wojdan of Lockport City, NY was arrested and the police looked on his pistol permit and saw it had six guns on it so they went to his house and confiscated all of his firearms.

Gun controllers would say this was a victory for the system, a dangerous criminal had his firearms seized etc etc.

But in order to get the full story one needs to look at Mr. Wojdan’s “crime”.

Wojdan was a passenger in his wife’s car.  She was speeding, doing 44 in a 30 mph zone.  The car was pulled over and a pair of officers started asking questions.  They asked Paul if there was any weapons in the car.  He answered that his legally owned and licensed 9mm Ruger handgun was in the glove compartment and his pistol permit was in the center console.

The officers then pulled both Wojdan and his wife from the car and rummaged through it, retrieving the permit and confiscating the pistol.

At that point they unloaded the pistol (for police safety) and went to cross reference the serial numbers on the permit with those on the pistol.

(Remember, as of yet, NO crime has been committed save for Mrs. Wojdan being a little heavy with the gas pedal)

With the magazine out of the pistol the officers decided that they would empty that as well in order to count the number of bullets.

Keep in mind this is New York and at the time of the arrest with the asinine SAFE Act, a 10 round magazine was legal yet the SAFE Act dictated that only 7 rounds were permissible to be in it.

The cops unloaded the magazine, counted to ten and then arrested Paul Wojdan.

After the arrest, the officers just simply looked down at the Wojdan’s permit, knew exactly how many more firearms he had and went to his house and confiscated them too.

Now, was Wojdan guilty by the letter of the law?  Yep.  Of course the actions of the police officers were clear violations of Wojdan’s 4th Amendment rights and thus dictate that he should never have been arrested in the first place.  A viewpoint shared by Lockport City Judge William J Watson who threw out the arrest this passed Wednesday.

Watson ruled that the officers had no right to unload the bullets from the gun and count them and that in doing so Wojdan’s freedom from illegal searches was violated.  That ruling was necessary because even after Chief U.S. District Judge William M. Skretny ruled that the 7 round limit was unconstitutional on Dec. 31st 2013, Niagara county Prosecutors still pursued the case against Wojdan.  Note that, they were still charging him with a crime that NO LONGER EXISTED.

But let’s get back to that confiscation.  This case proves that the State can make nonsensical laws that make innocent people criminals and on the basis of that can use the registration list to know what needs to be confiscated.

Think about it, they (the controllers) can supe up jaywalking into a First Degree misdemeanor based on the “rationale” that it is an anarchistic attack on society’s decorum.  That speeding is a terroristic threat to other drivers.  That playing music too loudly is an act of war against your neighbors…I mean, it’s what the US Army did to Noreiga in Panama to force his surrender and controllers are all against military type things in the hands of civilians.

Hence, non crimes can be used to abuse the innocent, the governement will then seize all your weapons for the “good of the state.”  And it won’t be hard for them, I mean…THEY HAVE A LIST.

As for Mr. Wojdan; after having all the charges for a crime that doesn’t exist anymore dismissed, did he get his firearms back?  Nope.

They are STILL in police custody.

Wojdan’s attorney, James Tresmond, has to file a motion with the Niagara County Judge Niagara County Judge Matthew J. Murphy III to have them returned.  The same Niagara County whose District Attorney maliciously prosecuted him in the first place.

There is no valid reason for Wojdan’s property not to be returned to him immediately upon the charges against him being dismissed.  The current theft of his property, because until the firearms are returned that is exactly what this is, by Niagara County is a clear violation of Wojdan’s 5th Amendment Rights, for he is being denied his property for no legal reason.

Wojdan is having his civil rights violated because the court can take it’s sweet time in returning his firearms.  It is no different than being found innocent in a trial yet having to remain in jail while they “sort it all out.”

Once again, registration has led directly to an innocent man losing ALL his firearms because the government had a list, used it to confiscate them, and now won’t easily give them back.

Registration must be fought at every turn for there is no reason for its existence BUT for the eventual confiscation of all firearms.

Molon labe, bullets first.

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