Winter is Coming…and the White Walkers are coming for your guns

With the seemingly endless winter that most of the country has been dealing with recently, I have had occasion to reflect on a series of books that I enjoy, George RR Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

The more I thought about it the more I realized that the tale told in the tomes of his series are an allegory for a lot of what is going on in the US.

You see, in America, which has experienced and enjoyed freedom and liberty for so long, the people forget that these things are not guaranteed.  That they were bought many years ago with the blood of both Patriot and Tyrant alike.

But after such a long while in the sun you forget that winter exists.  Even when people see the signs all around, they say things like “that’ll NEVER happen here” or “that CAN’T happen here.”

Notions of preparedness and being on guard for attacks on what we take for granted are chalked up to paranoia and grandstanding rhetoric.  The term “tyrant” and thoughts of “oppression” are relegated to hyperbole.  The notion that Americans would ever lose the right to keep and bear arms are marginalized as the baseless fears of “gun nuts” fostered by the capitalism of gun companies.

Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With every step further that we travel, as a people, from the reality that there is a thin line between citizen and subject, we embolden those who would make us slaves.

As the Starks say, Winter is Coming.

In America with regards to the 2nd Amendment, winter is always coming, because gun controllers will never stop until they conquer the free and subjugate us all.

And I stand by what I said about the Bill of Rights.  It is only a piece of paper, it does not protect anything.

Rights are bestowed upon us by our Creator and the Laws of Nature.  Rights exist only in the hearts of those willing to fight for them.

So steel your hearts and man the wall.

For winter is coming.


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