Another win for gun control as 29 unarmed Chinese are slaughtered during KNIFE rampage

Gun controllers love to to try and say that knife rampages don’t happen.

That is a fallacy.  Knife rampages do indeed happen.  They just happen in gun control utopias…and gun controllers HATE to have to admit that.

And no, I don’t mean just in places like human rights violating China.

I’m talking about Sunset Park, Brooklyn and in California schools.

You can click on those hyperlinks to read those tales.  But this article is about China.  In Kunming China on Saturday, 29 unarmed (thanks gun control) innocent civilians were butchered when 5 knife wielding assailants started hacking their way through the chattel.

5 people killed 29 and injured 143 more before the police EVENTUALLY got there to shoot 4 of the perpetrators and capture one.

Fortunately the 29 dead and 143 injured did not have to dirty their hands with having to use a gun to save their own lives (note the heavy sarcasm).  That’s the gun controllers utopia isn’t it?  Only the state has access to firearms.  The 29 dead and 143 injured are just sacrifices to make sure that the state has control, right?  Better to be murdered than to save your own life with a gun?

You see, the only thing worse than showing a gun controller how gun control fails, is showing them what it looks like when it succeeds.  China is a gun control country.  Why?  Because they find it easier to run over protesters with heavy machinery when said protesters are unarmed.

Since China is a totalitarian state that doesn’t care about human rights, running people over with steam rollers or locking up dissidents forever; gun control is stripped bare of its pretentiousness that many in the US like to cloak it in.  At it’s heart, gun control is a tool in which to subjugate the people and make them unable to resist tyranny.

As a result, a handful of people can hack and slash their way through a crowd knowing full well that they will be unchallenged until the government eventually makes their way there.

In that way, China is a countrywide Gun Free Zone.  It sure doesn’t seem to be helping the Chinese people all that much.

As for the specifics:

In China, no civilian (private ownership prohibited, Govt.-issued firearms are allocated to those in genuine need) may lawfully acquire, possess or transfer a firearm or ammunition.

Applicants for a gun owner’s licence in China are required to prove genuine reason to possess a firearm, for example, hunting, sports shooting, animal control.

The Chinese Military and police have approx 22,950,000 firearms.  

There are 680,000 privately owned registered firearms in the country of 1.35 BILLION.

I prefer to live in a land where the private citizens’ armory outnumber the governments by a factor of nearly 100 to 1.

But hey, I like liberty and freedom.

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