Mass Murderers have one less place to target – The State of Idaho

Or at least the State Colleges and Universities of the Gem State.  Idaho Governor CL “Butch” Otter has signed SB1254 into law that makes it legal for licensed gun owners to carry on the grounds of public universities with the exception of Dorms, Residence Halls and Entertainment venues.

Outside of that last little blip, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

No more will law abiding gun owners have to huddle behind a desk while some psychopath is executing his or her fellow students in front of their eyes while they helplessly wait their turn.

No more will the right to defend yourself be taken from you just because you want to further your education.

No more will this fool notion of “Gun Free Zones” somehow making people safer persist on the public campus’ of Idaho.

This is a very good thing.  Finally, people are waking up from the myth that denying the law abiding their right to defend themselves does ANYTHING other than protect criminals with malice in their hearts.

Yet, even after overwhelming logic dictates that guns in the hands of the law abiding are better than forcibly disarmed victims huddled like lambs to the slaughter, there are those who fought this sensible Crime-Control measure.

For instance, the Boise State University President Bob Kustra said the campus carry law would endanger college-age students, in addition to younger students who visit the school.  My question is “How exactly?”  I mean, does Mr. Kustra’s notion of gun ownership mean the minute you put a gun in someone’s hands they become a trigger happy madman?  How does someone being accountable for their own safety in any way endanger “the children?”

It seems like the only “argument” that gun controllers have is to cry “think about the children.”  Guess what Kustra…that’s EXACTLY who this bill protects.  I want my nieces and nephews to go to Universities that they would be allowed to defend themselves at.  Kustra, on the other hand, prefers that “the children” are assuredly disarmed so they have no hope but to curl up and hope that their hypothetical executioner passes them by.

I have to ask Mr. Kustra how effective the gun free zone was in Virginia Tech?  I’m pretty sure the magic pixie dust bubble of protection didn’t actually save one life.  Why would he rely on the same protection on his own school?  I guess it’s not too surprising a stance for the former gun control supporting Lt. Gov. of Illinois. 

But Kustra is not alone, the Boise Police chief, along with presidents and faculty members of other leading Idaho universities, also fought against the safety of the students.

Fortunately not all are like Kustra and his ilk who turn a blind eye to student safety.

I reached out to Boise State’s Campus and Nick Ferronato, the President of the Boise State University’s Chapter of Young Americans for Liberty told me that, while not perfect, the legislation was a good start:

“This bill isn’t perfect but it’s a huge step forward in getting public institutions to recognize our human right to defend our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  The next steps will be to continue fighting for the end goal, carry as a right, rather than a regulatable privilege.”  

Kurt Mueller, national director of public relations for Students for Concealed Carry, echoed that sentiment  when commenting on the Governor’s signature of the bill:

“This is a major step forward for Idaho, and for our nation as a whole. We have seen these policies in effect in other states without the massive negative consequences predicted by our opposition, and we have every expectation this will likewise be Idaho’s experience.”

On top of campus carry being outright legal in Colorado, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Utah and Wisconsin, it is not expressly prohibited in an additional 16 states.  That is to say if a college student wants to go to school armed it is NOT illegal but rather up to the discretion of the school.

With that being case, in those cases I suggest carrying anyways.  You see, it is better to be expelled than to be murdered.  Just sayin.


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