Be like St. Patrick and drive the gun control snakes from the land

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

While we all adorn green and lift a pint in honor of the Patron Saint of Ireland today let us not forget his most notable achievement, he drove all snakes out of the emerald isle.  It is only one of the few places in all the world where you will not find slithery serpents.

If only the same could be said of Congress.  

Think on this, how many rights are we denied because of fair weather polticians who speak with a forked tongue while they are courting our votes only to slither back to Washington DC and hide in the Capitol and pollute our liberty with their venom.

Harry Reid, for instance got an A rating from the NRA because he went with the flow while Bush was in office but the moment Obama resided at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave he slithered over to the side that wants to deny the right of law abiding American’s to keep and bear arms.

It is not a Democrat thing either, Republican US Senator from Pennsylvania Pat Toomey teamed up with other avowed “pro gun” Senator Joe Manchin to push for federal gun control.  On the campaign trail these men paraded themselves as STAUNCH pro 2nd Amendment politicians.  The only truth in that is that they were truly politicians and their loyalty was swayed by the idea of getting more votes and more power in Congress.

But speaking of snakes biting in you in the ass when they no longer tread underfoot, one of the most egregious examples was that of the US Senator from NY, Kirsten Gillibrand.  This viper laid in wait, espousing the pro liberty 2nd Amendment message while she was a US Rep of NY’s 20th Congressional District.  The district basically surrounds Albany and is full of liberty loving gun owners and hunters.  The moment Gillibrand no longer needed their votes she fell in line with her masters and catered to the gun control cabal emanating from New York City and Washington DC.

My point?  Be they RINO’s or false flag Democrats, vipers must be driven from the land so that our 2nd Amendment rights do not get suffocated to death under their coiled, slithery hypocrisy.

Something to keep in mind come this November.  Drive the snakes out.

On a happier not, do enjoy your St. Patrick’s day, but remember to be safe, especially if you carry a gun.

Other than that, tip back a pint of Guinness and enjoy.  We’re all Irish today!


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