More guns, less crime – Cops are finally coming around

While covering CPAC earlier in March one of the highlights was listening in on the panel discussion entitled: “More Guns,Less Crime: How Law Enforcement is Beginning to Embrace a Well-Armed Civilian Populace.”  Obviously having the law abiding citizens of this country armed in order to protect themselves from criminals is a logical certainty.  But it has always seemed that Law Enforcement has rejected the notion.

Every time you hear of a pro gun bill there seem to be police organizations spouting off against it, or gun control measures that are so inane only their sponsers and those same police organizations are the only ones who support it.

Yet, if you look closely at WHO exactly is doing the anti gun tango it is often times not the rank and file officers but rather those big city police chief organizations that owe their patronage, not to the citizens that one would think they are sworn to protect, but rather the political machines that placed them in positions of power to begin with.  A very easy way to validate this is too take a look at Law Enforcement Officers who DON’T have to kiss the gun controller’s ring in order to stay employed.  Take a look at the Sherriff’s in places that gun control has passed.  Places like New York and Colorado.  The Sheriffs have REBELLED against the notion of enforcing unconstitutional laws.

Even in cities where the police chiefs have drank the Bloomberg Kool-Aid you will find plenty of rank and file officers who support the 2nd Amendment but who are not allowed to openly speak on the matter.  So the notion that good cops are against an armed civilian population is overblown.  That’s not to say that all rank and files believe in the 2nd Amendment for the citizenry.  You do have, after all, bad cops who enjoy the power trip a badge and a gun gives them who are really just criminals who fell empowered to exploit the unarmed.

But with regards to the Chiefs and Commissioners, we just find ourselves in a sound vacuum where only the political top brass cops are allowed to voice an opinion and the matter usually revolves around places like Chicago, New York City, Denver and San Francisco.

Although even that is beginning to change as the reality sinks in in places like Detroit where even the Top Cop Chief Craig is saying the Police cannot protect you and you should protect yourself.

“There’s a number of [CPL] holders running around the city of Detroit. I think it acts as a deterrent. Good Americans with CPLs translates into crime reduction. I learned that real quick in the state of Maine.”

You see Craig spent 28 years in LA where, even though crime is rampant, he was conditioned by the politics to be anti 2nd Amendment.  Once his eyes were opened though that California is a TERRIBLE example he changed his ways real quick:

“Coming from California, where it takes an act of Congress to get a concealed weapon permit, I got to Maine, where they give out lots of [CCWs], and I had a stack of CCW permits I was denying; that was my orientation.  I changed my orientation real quick. Maine is one of the safest places in America. Clearly, suspects knew that good Americans were armed.”

In case you missed it, he was saying he was denying the CCW of the people from Maine JUST BECAUSE.  That right there is an indictment against the notion of MAY ISSUE if I ever heard one.  Fortunately Craig quickly learned of his misguided mindset and came around.  The lessons he learned in Maine he brought to Detroit.  James Craig took over as Police Chief in Detroit in July of 2013.  The result?

Though only on the job for 6 months 2013 saw a drop in murder and sexual assault by 14% from 2012.  Yes, Detroit is still a dangerous place but this is the first significant drop in crime stats in YEARS.  An armed civilian populace is finally getting the chance to take back their city and it’s working.

Chief Craig isn’t the only big city cop who believes in an armed populace.  On the CPAC panel was Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, a democrat, who went on in length about the reality that an armed populace is able to protect themselves.

The panel was moderated by Chris Cox, the Executive Director of the NRA-ILA and consisted of panelists (including Clarke) Emily Miller, author of “Emily Gets Her Gun” and former US Rep Sandy Adams.

It’s a bit long but well worth the viewing.

With all that being said, the only thing I can add is a question to those who would strip the citizenry’s right to defend themselves:  Why?  Why is being defenseless and at the whims of evil people better than being able to defend yourself?

I’ll even answer it for them, because gun controllers want CONTROL.  They want the populace to be at the mercy of THEIR whims and you can’t have that if people have the ability to resist.

More guns, less crime…less TYRANNY too.

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