Oklahoma politician proves once again it’s about CONTROL not guns

I first read about this story from Girls Just Wanna Have Guns wherein 40 Sheriffs from around Oklahoma gathered at the state capitol for their annual meet and greet.

Somehow, even though the sheriffs meet annually there for a meet and greet, and the state troopers had no qualms with their gathering some state senator got his/her panties in a bunch and complained.  The complainer has remained anonymous but what they were complaining about wasn’t.

The State Senator took offense that the sheriffs were armed.  That’s right, this gun hating state senator demanded that the sheriff’s be kicked out because he/she didn’t like the notion that they were legally armed within the lobby of the State Capitol.

Once again, this only goes to prove that gun control politicians do not care one lick about anything other than CONTROL.  I mean, these were duly elected law enforcement officials from around the state yet they weren’t deemed “worthy” enough to go about the State Capitol building armed.

How exactly is disarming or expelling these Sheriffs making anything safer?  The answer is, “it’s not.”  The petulant senator just wanted to flex some muscle and decree that the sheriffs must either go about unarmed or just simply go.

Credit to the sheriffs for just simply going and not giving up their liberty for the petty whims of the cowardly state senator.  I say cowardly because the senator refuses to give a name to their complaint.

Now, I contend that if law enforcement officers are allowed to be armed in the State Capitol then there is no reason why regular everyday law abiding citizens cannot do the same.  I am not advocating for special privilidges for any LEO, but rather I am highlighting the falseness of gun controllers when they say their hate of guns has anything to do with criminals.

Gun controllers simply hate the free.  And since they have no control over duly elected LEO’s like the sheriffs of Oklahoma they are compelled to treat them like any other peasant they wish to control.

Hopefully the cowardly senator’s identity will be brought to light so the voters of Oklahoma can have their voices heard in regards to such actions.


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