Gun Owner Bigotry Being Fought Against In The Sunshine State

The desire to be free, to enjoy liberty, to sever the yolk of tyranny…these are not choices.  These are inherent in me from my birth.  And the ONLY way that I can live my life following the aforementioned endowments I was bestowed with by both the law of nature and my Creator is to be properly armed against those that would threaten my liberty.

In other words, in regards to being a gun owner…I was born this way.

And in AMERICA, we are SUPPOSED to protect people from discrimination.  We protect groups based on the color of their skin.  I contend that a person has as much choice being born a certain color as I do in my innate desire to be armed from tyranny.

Unfortunately most of the country still lags behind in this realization, hence we have Jim Crow like laws that add “poll” taxes to owning a gun, segregation of places where gun owners can’t go without even the facade of “separate but equal” and just downright bigotry against gun owners.

Imagine a state passing a law that says if you are too black you must leave the state or turn yourself into police.  In New York State, that is what the SAFE Act basically says.  The AR-15 is “too black” and as such must be driven out.  Sure, the brown guns can stay (but well keep a close eye on em) but all the black guns are gone.

Gun control zealots would no doubt claim that being born a certain color has no choice at all but being a gun owner is a choice.   To that I say a person may choose NOT to associate with their own racial culture regardless of what color they were born and therefore an American can put aside their desire for liberty and reject guns.  Just because my Asian girlfriend doesn’t like rice doesn’t mean she’s not Asian.

At this point Liberal gun haters would love to point out that you are born with a color and you can’t choose that like you can choose being a gun owner.  

Ok, let’s accept that for a moment.

Liberal gun hating mouth breathers must THEN accept that homosexuality is a choice.  I mean, people choose to STOP being gay but somehow that is ignored by the left and when people do choose homosexuality that is referred to as “coming out of the closet.”

To wit, if we are going to make protected classes based on choices then we should do so for the class of people that encapsulate what this country was founded on.  Namely the 80+ million gun owners that are regularly subjected to bigotry, intolerance and harrassment.

As a quick aside, according to the Williams Institute there are approximately 8 million people in America that identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender.  But here’s the funny part, an estimated 19 million Americans have engaged in same-sex sexual behavior…so 11 million CHOSE against continuing to be homosexual.  This is from a pro-gay Institute at the UCLA School of Law.  Read the report here: The Williams Institute.

So, either a person can be born in more ways than just the color of their skin OR homosexuality is a choice.  I can just imagine the liberal gun haters heads collectively exploding at that sentence.

Fortunately, some states have finally hopped on the trolley and began to defend gun owners from bigotry.

In Florida, the state Senate has just passed bill 424 that protects gun owners from discrimination by Insurance companies for being gun owners.  If the accompanying House bill, bill 255, is also passed then Insurance companies will not be able to charge discriminatory rates, refuse to issue, refuse to renew, or decide to cancel a policy because someone owns a gun.

This is a phenomenal first step in recognizing gun owners as a protected class and in so doing help neutralize the damage that the  hate and vitriol of gun control zealots do when they violate the civil rights of gun owners.

Hopefully this is sign of things to come and that the Jim Crow laws that plague gun owners today will be relegated to history in short order.


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