A reason to have a gun at hand when at home: GIANT RATS

The Second Amendment was put into the Bill of Rights to remind government that the right to keep and bear arms by the people limits their power.

But that doesn’t mean that guns are only supposed to be used for tyrant killing and revolutions.  Firearms can be used for hunting, self defense, sport and so on.  When it comes to self defense and protection, there is always the amorphous “unknown”  that gun owners use as reason to carry; rightfully so.  You do not always know when trouble and danger will spring up so it makes all logical sense to have the means to defend yourself on hand.

That rings true in a persons home as well.

I’m not saying you march around with your AK-47 at the low ready at all times but having it readily accessible may prove valuable.

I mean, you never know when THIS is gonna come atcha:

jumbo rat


Here’s another pic to see it’s ratio:

jumbo rat1


Now, a 12 gauge shotgun might be a little bit of overkill but a 22 revolver or pistol might actually be required if this spawn of Karni Mata comes at you with ill intent.

Seriously, that rat is the size of a small dog.  Not a Toy dog…a SMALL Dog.

I’m surprised that rat didn’t go all cartoony and use that rat trap as a bench press and work on his pecs.

Just another reason it is better to go about armed.


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