Gun and the Art of Motorcycle Repair

I finally got a chance to break out the cruiser from its long winter slumber yesterday and take her on the road.

Even though it was still a little brisk, cruising around on two wheels still invigorated me with the rush of freedom that it always has.  While I was riding I started to think about the similarities between motorcycle owners and gun owners.

Riding a motorcycle instills in the rider a sense of freedom, of liberty if you will.  The feeling that with the wind in your face and your hand on the throttle you are the master of your own universe.  That destiny and fate are in your own hands and at your command.  Something those who drive in cages can’t truly understand, though convertible drivers have a taste.

Motorcycle owners come in a myriad of different shapes, sizes, colors and genders.  They drive high powered crotch rockets and tricked out tour bikes.  Factory standard dual bikes and customized choppers.  Some riders yield to the safety provisions of helmets while others rage against the government trying to enforce its will on them to do so.

1 percent of bikers are outlaws, yet the stigma of that minuscule number is used to taint the 99% by those who irrationally hate both motorcycles and bikers.

If a couple of motorcycle enthusiasts get together to go for a ride they are labeled a gang and little busybodies who have nothing better to do with their lives call the cops and complain because they “don’t like the looks” of the bikers.

Are there jerk motocycle owners?  Sure, but there are by and far more good and decent and honorable bike owners than the outlying variable of criminal or just asinine ones.

And so too does all this go for gun owners.  We come in different colors and genders.  The myriad of our ranks shatters the stereotype of  those who would deny us liberty would try and hoist onto the public’s eye.  Our guns are as different and varied as motorcycles themselves.  Different strokes for different folks as they say.

Yeah, bad people use guns on occasion to commit crimes but that shouldn’t be cause to deny the liberty of the overwhelming 80 million gun owners in America.  Just like the 1% outlaw bikers shouldn’t be used as a reason to drive the other 99% of bikers from the roads.

When it comes down to it,  gun owner or motorcycle owner, what both love is freedom and liberty.  Be it freedom from tyranny or freedom from driving in a cage…both embrace the risk and responsibility of living their lives with the choice.

Of course, as with all people who choose to live a life of personal liberty, there will be those who hate, demean and villainize them in order to ensure that none are free.  That gun owners are stripped of their rights and that motorcyclists are forced to drive in a cage because that is the way the haters choose to live.

I don’t condemn those who chose to not be gun owners or motorcycle riders.  That is THEIR choice.  My ire is reserved for those who would strip me of my liberty.

Tyranny doesn’t come from those who live in cages.  It comes from those who would force OTHERS to.


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