Bang, I saved a life – Second Amendment Song that puts it into perspective

One of my favorite parts of running is the interaction that I am fortunate enough to have with readers from across the country.  Therefore I was thrilled when I received a song from one among you that encapsulates the meaning behind the 2nd Amendment while putting it to a catchy tune.  The song also nails it on the head where they place blame on why criminal shootings happen.

John Chaffee wrote and produced “Bang” in Nashville Tennessee with Perry Danos providing the vocals.

Personally, I love the song so I thought I would share it will all of you.

Hopefully it can get some traction out on the internet and some people who may be ignorant of the 2nd Amendment can hear it and have it sink in.  That’s the great thing about music sometimes, you can learn something and not even realize it.

Take a listen, I hope you enjoy:

The lyrics hit spot on the positives of gun ownership, self defense, sporting, and inherent liberty while also highlighting that criminals are criminals and the gun is just a tool.  In good hands it can save a life and as such the right should not be denied to the law abiding.



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