Gun Controllers Proved Wrong AGAIN as Student Goes On STABBING Spree

In Murrysville Pennsylvania, a scant 15 miles away from Downtown Pittsburgh a student has been arrested for going on a stabbing spree wherein some 20 students were injured, seven of which have life threatening injuries.

Franklin Regional High School was the scene of the carnage as the unnamed student entered in the building a little after 7am and started running through the halls stabbing people.  Emergency Management Spokesman for Westmoreland County, Dan Stevens, had this to say:

“School was in session and students were arriving for morning classes. It happened in numerous classrooms and the hallways.” 

The suspect, a male student who attends Franklin Regional, is in custody.

Elementary school was cancelled before any students arrived.  The middle and high school’s were placed on lockdown and students were only being released to their parents.

More information about motive and the extent of damage will come with time.

But I want to bring up a few points now.  First, despite what gun controllers would have us believe, getting rid of guns DOES NOT get rid of people going on spree killings.  If they can’t get a gun legally they’ll get one illegally, if they can’t get one illegally they’ll get something else to kill with.

This tragic incident is just another reminder that it is the PERSON not the tool that is to blame when people go on kill frenzies.

Also, while gun controllers (if they even deem to respond to this incident) will say it was a good thing that he didn’t have a gun I actually counter that with saying that at best it is probably a wash.

You see, when a gun goes off in a school, EVERYONE is made aware rather quickly and as such lockdown procedures, fleeing, police being called, campus security getting involved…all this stuff happens QUICKLY.

But listening to Dan Stevens tell it, the unnamed assailant just went room to room and up and down hallways stabbing away without anyone initially knowing what was going on.  A stabbing and the resulting scrum may sound like nothing more than a fight.  People wouldn’t know what was going on and would continue on their day.

In truth, Franklin Regional should be glad that this student seemed to be reckless or else he could of ninja sliced his way to a ridiculous body count.  But still, with 20 injured, 7 of which whose lives are in the balance I think that anyone would be hard pressed to say that it was BETTER that he had a knife than a gun.

The long and short of it, outlawing guns will NOT stop these incidents.  People with malicious intent will just get a knife, or a hammer, or an ax or a sharpened stick and still go on spree killings.  I do wonder though, if a TEACHER had a gun to confront this spree stabber with, would his body count have reached 20?

Of course he wouldn’t…but gun controllers don’t want to hear that either.


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