LA Cops “accidentally” shoot two innocent hostages

In a tragic story out of Los Angeles, LA County Sherriffs killed a hostage that they mistook for a knife wielding maniac.

A  911 caller told dispatchers a man with a 10-inch butcher knife was threatening people. So when Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies saw a wounded, bloody man rush out of a West Hollywood apartment with someone following him, they opened fire.

Of course, the second innocent hostage, 30 year old John Winkler, fleeing for his life didn’t have a knife on him because well…he was an innocent hostage FLEEING FOR HIS LIFE.  Unfortunately that means that he fled right into a hail of bullets by some trigger happy cops.  But apparently the cops feel bad about it so somehow that makes it ok.  In a statement released by the LA County Sherriff’s Dept, the entire department mourned Winkler’s death.

Well bully for them.  Oh, on top of killing the 2nd innocent hostage trying to flee the knife wielding maniac, they also managed to shoot the FIRST fleeing hostage as well, the one with the knife wound in the neck.  Miraculously, no thanks to the LA Deputies, the first victim they shot seems to have lived.

After shooting the two innocent men, deputies entered the apartment, found the actual suspect with the final hostage and arrested him. All four men involved ended up in the hospital.

Cue the coverup; From The Wire:

The latest statement conflicts with the sheriff’s department’s earlier statement about the incident, which claimed that the other man was not hit. The LASD has not said why it took so long to figure out that its deputies shot two people instead of one. Another deputy told CBS LA that Winkler and the other man “aggressed the deputies.”

I guess it took a little while to line up the ducks to make it ok to shoot 2 innocent men instead of just one.

Here’s a kicker…the hostage taker, Alexander MacDonald has been understandably charged with two counts of attempted murder, one count of torture AND one count of murder…for the guy THE COPS SHOT.

The officers involved are not likely to face any charges and have so far not been identified.

But if things stay true to form these officers will be just fine.  You see, an innocent law abiding citizen can shoot a person actually trying to kill them and STILL face court trials and jail time, but cops who shoot and kill innocent people just get a shrug from the legal system as it is accepted as business as usual.

Don’t believe me?

Houston Police Officer Marin said that his partner and he felt threatened by a man (Brian Claunch) in a wheelchair waving a pen at them.  The man was threatening to stab them with this pen so they shot him dead.  No charges filed.

A pair of NYC Police Officers open fired on a man in Manhattan.  While he did kill someone was no longer an immediate threat, but the officers hail of bullets and terrible marksmanship (16 shots fired, suspect hit ONCE) ended up getting 9 innocent people shot in the process.  Were they suspended?  Hell no, Mayor Bloomberg publicly praised them.

There are tons of other stories in which the police are given passes for their reckless and criminal negligence and where law abiding citizens face jail time for actually doing the right thing.  And I’m not even going to get into all the innocent pets murdered by kill happy cops with no-knock warrants.  It’s a hypocrisy that should not be allowed to stand.

And don’t get the wrong idea.  I’m not bashing cops.  They have a difficult job, I understand that.  But THAT does not give them a license to kill.  Having a dangerous job does not give you a shoot first, shoot later, shoot some more and if anyone is left alive ask a question or two.

What I am saying is that if police officers can not go off half cocked and kill and shoot innocent people because “their job is dangerous” then they NEED TO FIND ANOTHER JOB.

Victims of crime generally do not get to choose to be victims, so when they run out of a hostage situation they do not deserve to be murdered by police officers who CHOSE to do a dangerous job.

The officers involved in murdering John Winkler and shooting the other innocent hostage should at least be fired if not brought up on charges themselves.  But that just doesn’t seem to be the way things go in Los Angeles.  Earlier this year, eight LAPD officers shot 103 bullets at two Hispanic women they mistook for one black man.  One of the women was hit twice.  The officers involved were given “extra training” as punishment.  What they need is to be fired for being legally BLIND.  Mistaking 2 latinas for 1 black guy is bad enough but missing them with 101 bullets is ridiculous.

But this is just how it goes in the 2 America’s.  The law abiding have to suffer and die while the government and its agents are given free range to murder at will.

I do not stomach hypocrisy well.

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