Quo Vadis, America?

Quo Vadis translates to the question: Where are you going?

It is also a 1951 film covering the ending of Nero’s Emperorship of Rome.

As I watched this film I couldn’t help but see parallels of first century Rome and modern America, mainly in the leadership that both share.

I have thought that President Obama was just a socialist tyrant but looking at his presidency through a Roman lens I wonder if he is not rather a raving lunatic who plays a metaphorical fiddle while America burns.

In Quo Vadis, Nero doesn’t think himself a lunatic.  Quite the contrary, Nero views himself as a artist and his vision is being hampered by the ignorant masses who do not appreciate his “gifts.”  He is falsely bolstered by the sycophants around him and no one dares utter words against him lest they be banished or killed.

Nero’s arrogance towards his people has him viewing them as a hindrance to his grand design.  So much so that in order to recreate Rome in his own image, going so far as to rename it Neropolis he decides to BURN it to the ground with the masses that don’t “get him” to be burned to death.

Of course at this point people FINALLY have had enough and begin to demand his head.  Rather than take ANY blame for his actions Nero simply gets a scapegoat, pumps it through the media of the day (street corner heralds) and blames his actions on Christians.  Why the Christians?  Because they wouldn’t kow tow to Nero and he viewed them as a threat.  Your basic, “kill two birds with one stone” move.  The masses begin to accept this and turn on the innocent Christians.

Yet even that reprieve for Nero is short lived as the Christians are martyred the Romans take a look at themselves and realize that it isn’t right.

Nero is then once again under siege in his palace and the movie ends with him with a knife to the chest.

If I removed that last sentence and changed the names I may as well have been writing about the Obama administration.

Benghazi?  The embassy burned and Americans died yet Obama tried to pass the blame on to a youtube video.

Obamacare is a complete and utter failure yet it’s not the programs fault…Obama blames the Tea Party.

A shooting happens in a gun free zone in a state with strict gun control…it’s not gun controls fault…Obama blames the NRA and gun owners.

A cattle rancher dares to stand up against the government stealing his land and cattle and Obama sends his lackey Reid in to call the man a terrorist.

As a result the youtube video guy gets arrested.  Tea Party and Conservative groups get Obama’s IRS attack dogs sicced on them.  Gun groups and owners are vilified and Obama attempts to turn the mob on them.  The cattle rancher no doubt has years of litigation in front of him as the government tries to bleed him dry.

The list can go on nigh ad infinitum but you get the point.

America burns and Obama plays golf.

Obama’s disdain for the American people is palpable and his arrogance in thinking he is so much greater than the common people is disgusting.

So the question I as to you…one that can be answered in part in November of this year, and again in 2016…Quo Vadis, America?


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