Taxes: Tyranny or Modern Slavery?

Last week a majority of Americans filed their enslavement forms to the federal government.  Some were even unfortunate enough to have to pay the IRS MORE money for the simple right to live and work.

I understand taxes…usage taxes at least.  If I use or support something than sure, my money should go in order to maintain and support said entity.

In my home state of Pennsylvania for instance, in order to utilize the shooting ranges on the state game lands you must either get a yearly permit of $30 or a hunting/furtaking license.  The income from these permits go to maintaining and updating the shooting ranges.

I’m ok with that.  If I want to use the shooting range on state property that the state runs it seems only right that I pay a usage tax for it and why should some hoplophobe or gun hater who will never pick up a gun in their life have to pay taxes to support it?

My only problem with the arrangement is that it doesn’t translate to other things that I have to pay taxes for.  I don’t have any kids yet property taxes go to fund public schools.  Even when I do have kids they sure as hell aren’t going to some common core indoctrination camp, yet my tax money goes there regardless.

Then there are the things I fundamentally disagree with that my tax dollars pay for like lifetime welfare, Obamacare, foreign aid to countries who hate us, defending civil rights abuses by guilty government officials, gun smuggling rifles to Mexico…the list goes on.

Whether I like it or not, I as well as a bunch of other Americans foot the bill for things we will never use, don’t support and would have to be mugged in order to give money to if asked on the street.

So yes…taxes in one form are a tyranny.

But slavery?

There is one type of tax so insidious, so surreptitious and so un-American that the founding fathers would no doubt have included its exclusion specifically if they had somehow foreseen that this country would one day turn so corrupt.

I’m talking about INCOME tax.

Allow me to describe the broad idea of income tax.  You, John and Jane Q Taxpayer work; you toil in your job.  Earning a living provides you with food and shelter.  All the work you do is yours, yet the reward is not.

You are beholden to a Master who lives in a neoclassical palladian villa on the plantation that is the United States.  For an average American, out of a year’s toil you will work four months (111 days to be exact) for the plantation.

While there were some form of income tax since the Civil War in order to pay for it and reconstruction it wasn’t until 1913 that Income Tax became a permanent fixture in the lives of the American “citizen.”

You see, the courts ruled in 1895 that any income tax must follow the Constitution and the modern way of income taxes was ruled UNConstitutional

In the United States, Article I, Section 2, Clause 3 of the Constitution requires that direct taxes imposed by the national government be apportioned among the states on the basis of population. After the 1895 Pollock ruling (essentially, that taxes on income from property should be treated as direct taxes), this provision made it difficult for Congress to impose a national income tax that applied to all forms of income until the 16th Amendment was ratified in 1913. After the Sixteenth Amendment, no Federal income taxes are required to be apportioned, regardless of whether they are direct taxes (taxes on income from property) or indirect taxes (all other income taxes).

So the court ruled that Income Taxes as the Federal government wanted them was unconstitutional so what did Congress do?  They changed the constitution.  Take note 2nd Amendment supporters.  Even IF the courts rule in our favor time and again, one bad election could see the 2nd Amendment erased from Bill of Rights (though never from our hearts).

The 16th Amendment made us permanent part time slaves of the federal government.  No matter what we do, regardless of what we use or don’t use, for four months a year we work the metaphorical fields FOR THEM.

Let me put it another way.  Let’s say from January until the beginning of March you HAD to work but wouldn’t get paid.  Your food and housing would be provided for you but you won’t get any money.

Hey America, it’s you from 1860, it wants its legalized enslavement back.

Basically, as you can tell I’m not a fan of taxes.  Full disclosure, I am among those that the IRS felt they had to persecute for the viewpoints I have espoused over the years.  For the 15 years I filed taxes I never had one issue other.  Then I began working for Gun Owners of America and started my blog with them.  I’ve archived it here.

Let’s just say I wasn’t with all the warm and fuzzy discussing the current administration.  The result?  The previous year the IRS had contacted me to tell me that THEY made a mistake and I was being refunded money.

After starting with GOA, the IRS said they wanted the money back…plus interest.

The first year I was with the GOA the IRS sent me a $25,000 bill because they said I made $75,000 more than I claimed.  Of course, they can’t read a decimal point and all they had to do was see that the consulting work I was doing right before joining GOA was for $750.  A simple clerical error on their part?  You’d think so…but no, they put the screws to me and ran up interest that they STILL wanted after I basically beat them over the head with documentation telling them they were full of it.  Their response: I should have paid the $25,000 FIRST and then they would’ve reimbursed me.

Yeah right, like i’m going to trust THAT.  Anyways, the hassles continued and I’m still fighting the good fight.

This is all leading to something.  Just like a slave master with his whip, so too is the administration with the IRS, beating down those who would dare stand up for themselves.  One need to look only at the slew of Conservative groups that were targeted.  More recently look at Cliven Bundy from Nevada who had the government levy taxes and fees upon him just to drive him bankrupt so they can steal his land.

For four months we are slaves to the government.  The IRS is the whip that the taskmaster uses to keep us in fear and working with our heads down.

So is income tax tyrannical or a form of modernized slavery?

They way I see it…it’s both.


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