BLM: Bureau of Land MISmanagement

So by now you have probably heard about the BLM acting like cattle rustlers and running scared when a patriot and his friends showed up to draw a line in the sand.

Well, when the Bureau of Land Management isn’t busy cattle rustling and nearly murdering a man’s family they are busy slaughtering wild horses.

Now, the management part of the BLM is to round up strays and try to find them homes and if not, then they can be sold to slaughter.  But WILD Horses are actually protected by FEDERAL LAW…namely the Wild-Free Roaming Horses and Burro Act of 1971, which bans wild horses to being sold for slaughter.

But much like how the BLM tries to stamp out the freedom loving American spirit in it’s citizens whose land they covet, so too do they seem to want to stamp out the wild spirit of the American West.  Namely by killing all the wild horses so their job can be easier.

What cockamamie excuse could the BLM possibly come up with that would justify them slaughtering wild horses in willful disregard to the law?   Remember, the BLM tried to run a man off his land and rustled his cattle under the pretense of protecting turtles.

The excuse the BLM came up this time would be laughable if it wasn’t so asinine and a slap in the face to reason and logic.

BLM spokeswoman Sarah Beckwith said: “Nobody had a permit to have these horses grazing on public lands.”

You see, the herd originated from stray rodeo horses around 1970.  But I can guarentee you that NONE of those stray horses were still alive during this round up and trip to the glue factory.  How many generations and years have to go by before a roaming herd of horses can be considered wild?

Remember, the horse is not a native species to this continent and the wild herds we have are descended from Spanish horses 300 years ago.  So is the BLM just going to round all the horses up and sell them for slaughter?

For over 40 years a herd of horses were born, lived, mated and died without ever being saddled, bridled or broken.  Yet the BLM claims that they aren’t wild horses.  The Bureau apparently is willing to profess any lie in the pursuit of expediency for their agenda.

This is what men like Cliven Bundy and others out in the west where the BLM hold a disproportionate amount of sway, have to deal with.  I wish them all the best in fighting the good fight against governmental tyranny and idiocy.

This is what government run amok looks like…little bureaus going around trying to wrangle in nature itself.

Let not the actions of the BLM be a metaphor for big government…let not the spirit of America die by the whims of the petty bureaucrats.

The heart of the West deserves better…and so does America as a whole.


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