Sunday Funnies: Helping liberals “get” guns through colorful pictures

I read an online comic entitled Failure To Fire; self  proclaimed “first internet comic about gun culture in America.” While the authors are left leaning moderates they are pretty spot on when it comes to guns and it translates well and fairly into their work.  Outside of gun issues and their valid appreciation for hating on the hypocrite Dianne Feinstein, more traditional conservatives might not get into it but, as a libertarian, it’s a fun read to break up the constant onslaught of researching how mouth drooling gun control zealots are continually trying to strip away our rights.

With all that being said, perhaps Mel and James colorful pictures can help more insulated Liberals “get” why the 2nd Amendment and the freedom it espouses isn’t a boogeyman that is the be all end all for violence in America.



Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Regrettably, this is more factual based than merely art imitating life as many California and New York transplants leave their high tax, crime ridden dens of iniquity and move to better places only to try and bring all the crap that they left behind with them.

Of course, logically explaining to some people that gun control leads to more crime is pointless as they refuse to even listen.  So I guess we need to distract them while teaching, like holding up a shiny thing to a baby to improve their eye hand coordination, a web comic may improve the removal process of head from ass syndrome that so many gun haters seem to be inflicted with.

Though there are some that cannot be helped:



 Failure to Fire Webcomic : Warning, course language and other such non G rated material.

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