Selling…or sellout? That is the question for a Maryland Gun Dealer

I received a call Sunday afternoon by a producer from CBS News wanting to interview me on my thoughts about the owner of Maryland gun shop, Engage Armaments, retracting his idea of selling so called “smart” guns in his establishment.

Concerning the interview, unfortunately the timing couldn’t work so I’ll be interested in seeing who they get to fill in tomorrow (Monday) night.

Concerning the gun shop owner, Andy Raymond, here’s my take:

First, I’m glad he listened to the sentiment of his customers.  Too often we see businesses give knee jerk reactions when an outside group gives astroturf outrage at something they don’t like.  Like how Starbucks kind of capitulated to snobby anti gun elitists who think themselves too good for Starbucks and wouldn’t be caught dead drinking someplace so “passe” to begin with.

In Mr. Raymond’s situation though, the outrage is coming from people who actually PURCHASE his products and he saw that the writing was on the wall in regards to the “smart” gun.  If he went ahead and sold attempted to sell it(I doubt there would be many buyers)  he would have to face the economic repercussions of doing so.  That’s good ole fashioned capitalism there or as I like to put it, dollar bill democracy.

So Raymond will no longer be moving forward with selling this gun control cause celebre.  That’s great.  But why is it great?

Well, first, if we allow these cheap trick show ponies into gun shops, it gives ground to gun grabbers to try and bamboozle the populace as a whole by saying: “LOOK LOOK, even gun OWNERS believe in smart guns…we should ban ALL OTHER GUNS.”

It’s your classic Kansas City Shuffle.

Trust me…that’s where it would lead.

But that’s politics.  What about practicality?

For those of you unaware of the so called “smart” gun, it is a gun that only engages when the user has a special transmitting watch on.

So, if you have a home invasion go down and you need to run to your gun, not only do you have to get it but ALSO your nifty transponder wristwatch or else you only have a glorified paperweight in your hands.  Small comfort to your wife who is being raped, or you children strangled or you who are being bludgeoned to death as you try and strap on your Star Trek wannabe time piece.

Heaven help you if you actually get the watch on the right hand in time and it happens to be out of batteries.  Once again, glorified paperweight.  These are just added fail points to be placed upon real problems such as misfires and gun jams.

So in summation, gun control once again would endanger the lives of innocent law abiding citizens with the benefit being absolutely nothing.  I mean, what…gangbangers can’t buy and wear a fancy watch?

Fortunately gun owners in Maryland, who have long been too familiar with the erosion of their rights, do not seem to be asleep at the switch when one of their own is about to inadvertently hand the gun grabbers a stronger toe hold in gun shops.

Remember…don’t facilitate your own injustice.


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