Something to remember on May the 4th, don’t mess with Jedi’s

As you can see in the following video, a man enters a Tuscon Arizona market around 1:30am demanding money and from the back of the store the purveyor, “Jedi” master Maen Mdanat, senses a disturbance in the force.

Mdanat first uses his Jedi mindtrick to entrance the would be ne’er-do-well with a wave of his hand and explaining “this is the door you are looking to leave from.”

And for a while the mindtrick seems to be holding as the man begins to leave but he is able to shake it off right after the door opens and sucker punches Mdanat.

With the time for diplomacy past, Mdanat seems to go into unarmed lightsaber combat Form IV: Ataru,  and with quick rapid strikes the trespasser found himself outside the market, on the flat of his back, begging for mercy.

A master in Ataru combat could appear like a blur to their opponents, attacking from all directions—the front, the sides, overhead, or behind.

Afterwards Maen would describe the encounter as such: “He was comfortable walking in, showing his muscle, like I can do whatever I want.  That’s basically the message he gave me when he walked in.  But I changed his idea when he walked out.

So what did we learn?  Don’t mess with Jedi’s.  And in this case a Jedi comes in the form of a former Army Special Forces soldier.

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