Congressman Laying Groundwork For Executing American Citizens

No doubt the US government can snuff out the life of one innocent anonymous American citizen without giving it too much thought, but when it comes to systematically executing a group of armed citizens the federal government must first lay the groundwork in order to mollify the public.

Much like the propaganda practices of Nazi Germany, the Federal government knows it needs to bamboozle the public into accepting the most ludicrous policies as “necessary”.

You see, the systematic murdering of innocent citizens perpetrated openly by the government would not be tolerated by the masses.  But if you lie BIG enough and LONG enough and do so CONTINUOUSLY when you finally take your tyrannical actions and execute the aforementioned innocent citizens, the masses will view it through lenses that the government has lowered over their eyes.

So what is the lie that is being peddled now?  The lie that the news outlets in bed with the government are shoving down our throats without one corroborating witness?

From the desk of Steven Horsford:




Horsford lays the first brick for the foundation of the government’s overblown slaughter of innocent Americans whose only “crime” was to have the nerve to stand up to the Federal Government.

There are no checkpoints, there are no “roving bands of militia” with a persistent armed presence hovering around in the area.  No constituents called Horsford.  The Congressmen is LYING.

Unfortunately, the truth seems to matter little.  For this is something that, if allowed to go unchallenged, will simply be pointed to after Cliven Bundy and his family are brutally murdered by the government as “just cause.”  A necessary evil, if you will, that the public at large will simply accept.

The validity of Horsford claim is so without merit that it is a work of outright fiction and could only be designed as a time capsule for when the government finally makes its bloodthirsty move against Bundy and/or his supporters.

I mean seriously, in this day and age of social media; pinterest, instagram, twitter, facebook etc., I couldn’t find ONE single entry about ANY militia roadblocks or anything else the Congressmen stated dated BEFORE the letter.

Sure, once he throws the letter out there he’s going to back fill it in with something, but if his constituents were really beating down the door to his office over this matter you would think that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE would have mentioned it SOMEPLACE else.

But no…there’s not, because it is all a lie.  A lie manufactured in order for the government to facilitate it’s nefarious desires against those who would dare to stand against them.

I am reminded of a quote by Maya Angelou that goes:

“Be wary when a naked person offers you a shirt”

In this instance the naked person is the government, and that shirt is “justification.”  Notice how the government goes without the shirt and tries to pass it on to us?

The government doesn’t have to be justified so long as they make us think that they are and that their actions are “necessary”.

The Joseph Goebbel-like tactics that Congressman Horsford  is perpetrating are disgusting, yet can only be stopped when good people are willing to stand up and shout them down for the lies and machinations that they are.

Do not be silent, lest you find yourself on the wrong end of the governments’s “justification.”


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