Mom Passes the Buck to Homeowner When Her Criminal Son Gets Shot During Burglary

Another case of complete ineptitude on the behalf of a parent in never believing that THEIR child could do ANYTHING wrong so it must be the bad senior citizen whose house her son innocently tried to robs fault.  I try to steer away from blaming parents for the crimes of their children…sometimes kids are just bad, but when you attack a law abiding gun owning senior citizen because they protected their home after your son invaded it with malicious intent…then shame on you.

From Liberty Unyielding:

“Now, kids, remember: If you break into a private home and someone there is armed, you risk getting shot.” It’s not a typical piece of parental advice, but in view of the growing spate of home invasions by teenagers who end up on morgue slabs, maybe it’s high time it became one.

The Merced (Calif.) Sun-Star identifies the most recent casualties as Steven Crider, 16, and, Michael Sambrano, 14, both of Sacramento.

The two were shot and killed as they were exiting an upscale home shortly after they broke in around midnight last Sunday. It has not yet been revealed whether the shooter was the homeowner, described as in her 60s, or her 70-something-year-old brother, whom she had asked to stay with her owing to previous break-in attempts.

Police have also refused to release details on how Crider and Sambrano got inside the home.

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A bit of advice to mothers like Mrs Crider…if you don’t want your children shot dead when they burgle houses…stop THEM from breaking into houses instead of attacking the septuagenarian who is a law abiding gun owner who defended himself when he and his sister were being victimized.

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