Supreme Court’s Inaction Fails Gun Owners Again

Once again the faith that some gun owners hold in the US Supreme Court to do the right thing in regards to the 2nd Amendment was proven baseless.

Last week the Supreme Court decided NOT to rule on the ever expansive infringements on the right to keep AND bear arms in the state of New Jersey.  But refusing to hear the case, the Supreme Court has allowed to stand a ruling by the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals that states the right to bear arms outside of the home can be limited to the whims and discretion of an issuing authority.

Basically, if the issuing authority in May-Issue states within the jurisdiction of the 3rd Circuit don’t want to give you a license to carry a firearm they have NO obligation to do so.  All they have to do is claim you don’t deserve one.

How this ruling in anyway gels with Heller v DC, MacDonald v Chicago or…I don’t know…THE SECOND AMENDMENT is beyond me.

The 2nd Amendment was written for the VERY PURPOSE of ensuring that such bureaucratic tyranny would not be allowed.  Yet time and again, New Jersey and states of their ilk have continually attacked the rights of the law abiding citizens and have repeatedly undermined the right that “shall not be infringed.”

And where is the Supreme Court in all of this?  On the sidelines…giving it a pass.  Daily, people in New Jersey and other such states are having their civil rights blatantly and repeatedly violated.

People like John Drake of Sussex County who wanted a carry permit because his job is restocking ATM machines.  You know…WITH CASH…lots and lots of cash.

Yet in a job that would lead any normal and rational person to understand that a greater risk is present for him than others because of his occupation, you would think it would be a no brainer that he would be given a permit in order to protect himself.

But no, Drake was denied a permit and thus was one of the plaintiffs in the case charging that the discretionary practices of issuing permits in the state of New Jersey was unconstitutional.  Among other plaintiffs: a reserve sheriff’s deputy, a civilian FBI employee and a victim of an interstate kidnapping.  Looking at this list it is easy to see that no one unless connected with the corrupt issuing authority was going to get a permit.

Yet the Supremes do not dare wade into the matter and support the Constitution in this matter?  So much for hoping on the rule of law to carry the day.

Once again, the US Supreme Court, through its cowardly inaction has failed in its duty and in doing so has failed America.


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