Obama, a walking [email protected]#(k as commander in chief

As I was talking with a friend last night he asked if Obama could be playing so stupid as to be brilliant.

I assured him it was no act.  The man is just a craven cowardly America hating, soldier resenting socialist with dreams to diminish the American spirit to the point that we forgo our entrepreneurial spirit and become beholden to the government for all our needs.

In case you haven’t noticed…I’m a little peeved with his highness, King Barack.

As a former soldier, the recent stories that have been making the headlines recently have resonated with me in both their absurdity and the disgraceful manner in which the Commander in Chief has reacted to both.

On one hand you have Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi whose only true crime was getting lost in the desert and being found by Mexicans.  Despite what the Sanctuary City crowd would have you believe, there are plenty of open spaces on the Mexico border without any fences or signs that state what country you were in.

It’s actually really easy to simply be on the wrong side of the border taking a drive.  Unfortunately for Andrew Tahmooressi, he happened to have with him his legally owned firearms. Mexico, being the bastion of peace and stability that it is thanks to their staunch gun control policy arrested Tahmooressi on the spot and threw him in jail where he is beaten and bullied by his captors.

On the the other hand you have a walking pile of cow feces named Bowe Bergdahl who deserted his unit in a time of war to go on a walkabout in Afghanistan to join up with the Taliban.  His former unit members have come forward and attested to his desertion and subsequent role in the deaths of 7 soldiers trying to retrieve him.

So what does Commander in Chief Barack Obama do?  He lets Andrew Tahmooressi ROT in a Mexican jail while trading FIVE Taliban Terrorists in order have Bergdahl returned with Obama regaling him as a hero.

And I don’t for one second believe that Obama doesn’t know the facts about the case as he will undoubtedly claim when Bergdahl’s desertion and disgrace becomes full knowledge to the general public.  Obama thinks that Bergdahl IS a hero.  The truth is that Bergdahl should be tried for desertion and SHOT if found guilty for directly leading to the deaths of 7 fellow soldiers.

Obama also thinks that gun owners are all criminals and that is why he has sat in the White House with his thumb up his but while Tahmooressi is beaten and tortured in a Mexican Jail.  Though I guess if Tahmooressi was running guns FOR Obama in the Fast and Furious scheme it would’ve been ok.

Hey, here’s an idea, why don’t we trade 5 THOUSAND illegal Mexican Immigrants for Tahmooressi’s release?

At least the Mexican’s most likely crime will be to try and reenter the US.  The Taliban Terrorists next crime could kill thousands.

Really…what the hell is going on in Barack Obama’s head?

People often compare him to Jimmy Carter.  I think that is unfair…to Carter.  The peanut farmer was a terrible president but at least he had his heart in the right place and people believed that he loved America.  With Barack Obama, I question not only his competence but also whether he actually has the best interest of America at heart.

If he doesn’t than our system of government has failed because we put a man at the top of the Military, Judicial and Executive branches of government where he runs all three through dismissals, appointments and fiats via executive orders.

If America must suffer under the tyranny of a king I would have at least wished it was a king who liked this country even a little.


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