Guns are like Motorcycle Helmets…helpful tools when needed

It’s a funny thing when you think about it, but I have had to use my personal firearm more times to protect myself than I had my motorcycle helmet with a score of 1 to nothing.

Well, that changed today.  While taking an early morning ride a car in front of me stopped short and I applied my brakes a bit too heavily and hit some broken pavement and went sliding across the street.  Was I badly injured?  No.  Though the road rash on my arm and leg are not pretty to look at.


Fortunately, though it is not required in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I was wearing my DOT Approved Motorcycle Helmet.  Because I had the TOOLS available to me my scalp did not suffer the same fate as my arm and knee.

The TOOL did it’s job and I remained safe.


I’m sure some of my long time readers know where I am going with this.

To be direct, gun control, the process in which law abiding citizens are stripped of their constitutional rights and the TOOLS in which to keep them safe, is akin to government passing laws that forbid the use of Motorcycle helmets or seat belts in cars.

All three things are simply tools to keep the user safe.  Now, I’m sure some gun grabbing progressive mouth drooler will start screaming that guns can kill people.  Guess what, I can club a man to death with my helmet or strangle someone with a seat belt.  But a gun in my hand is going to give me the opportunity to remain safe while the stripping of that ability only increases the likelihood that I will get injured or murdered.

Much like the motorcycle helmet, a gun does not guarantee safety, but it is a tool that will improve your odds of being safe.

I ruminate on the topic here:

All in all, be safe America and don’t allow the government to dictate the manner and the tools by which you use to keep yourself safe.

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