Missouri School Districts Taking Security Seriously

…by giving their teachers guns in order to protect their students.

Unlike the ludicrous notion that a “gun free zone” sign produces some mystical force field that keeps gun toting maniacs off school grounds, four school districts in West Plains Missouri are taking PRACTICAL steps in order to ensure the safety of both students and faculty.

These school districts recently sent staffers to the hilltop range of West Plains for five days of firearms training. The instructors, all current law enforcement officers, train teachers to deal with their most likely scenario; essentially close-quarters combat while youngsters scream and run about.

On the instructors command the teachers take action, they make an evasive sidestep “stepping off the X,” it’s called. They pull the Glock 19s from their holsters and fire at metal targets 50 inches tall with painted faces at the tops, careful not to hit the innocents in front and behind. Then they scan their sectors for additional threats.

While level headed administrators around the country are adopting the ideology of actually protecting children the US Department of Education has bamboozled at least 2 neighboring Missouri school districts in adopting their recommended ALICE method.

The ALICE method is an acronym for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate.  The Dept of Education suggests that teachers do things like barricading doors, escaping out windows and even throwing objects at an armed intruder.  Because, you know…such things worked so well in Sandy Hook, Columbine and Virginia Tech with their vaunted gun free zone mindset.

The two school districts that are following the Department of Education’s pied piping to tragedy are Olathe and Independence.  My question to the parents of students in Missouri is whether they would want their child to go to a school where a teacher had the ability and training to stop a murderer from killing their child or rather send their child to a school where the best option to avoid being murdered is to quiver under a chair and hope that the killer passes you by.

Once again, the only fruit that progressive political correctness and knee jerk reactions such as pushing for more infringements on the law abiding’s right to keep and bear arms will produce are tiny coffins.

I hope the parents in Olathe and Independence understand that.  And if they don’t like it they make their voices heard now at school board meetings instead of later when they are being interviewed after a preventable tragedy.

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